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 The IS Governance Committee is the shard decision making body (Contract Section 25.4) in conjunction with the site principal.

The IS Governance Committee is comprised of Staff, Students, Parents, Administration, Union and Community representatives.

The IS Governance Committee typically meets the 1st Monday of the month in room 802 at 2:45pm.
IS Governance Document  Approved 2/3/2015

Current Representatives (2017 - 2018):

Governance Chair: Tim Towler
Social Science Representative:  Jennifer Oakes  (Year 1)
Science Representative:  Tim Towler (Year 1)  
Math Representative: Eli Licon (Year 2)  Alt - Stefka Deliivanova
English Representative:Cheryl Gillette-Lunsford (Year 1) Alt - Eng. Dept.
Electives Representative: Jennifer Pickering  (Year 2)
Classified Staff Representative:  Ann Trisler (Year 1)
Certificated Representative:  Crystal Alvarez (Year 2)
SDEA Representative:  Julie Edwards
Parent Representative:  Susan Nichols
Parent Representative:  Samantha Boice
Parent Representative:  
Student Representative 9 & 10:  
Student Representative 11 & 12:  Brett Larsen
IS Representative to SDHS Complex Governance:  Sylvia James (Year 2), Alt - Tim Towler 
Principal:  Carmen Garcia  Alt - Daniza Montero
2017 - 2018 Agenda & Minutes
September Agenda 9-11-17
December Minutes
January Agenda 1-8-18
January Munutes
February Agenda 2-5-18
February Minutes
March Agenda 3-5-18
March Minutes
April Agenda 4-2-18
April Minutes
May Agenda 5-7-18
May Minutes
June Agenda 6-4-18
June Minutes

Updated 10/2/17