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CLEAR CAICE Conference 2017

CLEAR CAICE Conference 2017

CAICE, the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment, has sponsored a student research conference through their Education and Outreach department for the last three years.  The CLEAR program, Collaborative Learning through Environmental and Aerosol Research, is the means to promote the investigation of aerosols with high school students using research grade equipment.

This year, 5 schools were involved with the CLEAR CAICE program, and the student involved produced 18 projects.  Two teachers from San Diego High School, Mr. Towler and Ms. Whitelock, were the teacher coordinators.  Our school had four student groups that designed projects, created posters for the conference, and presented their posters to judges.  Two graduate students from UCSD, Marc Riera and Gavin Cornwell, were mentors for our students and acted as resources for questions and suggestions.

The 3rd annual CLEAR CAICE conference was organized by Becky Hames, the Director of Education and Outreach, in the CAICE office at UCSD.

The keynote address at the conference was given by Dr. Skip Pomeroy, Professor of Chemistry at UCSD, Sr. Personnel in the CAICE program and a member of the CAICE Education and Outreach team.

Of the 18 posters presented, six were selected for special recognition by the judges.  Our school received three of the recognitions.

Thomas Fernandez did a follow up study to the project he did for CLEAR CAICE two years ago, where he compared the particle counts of downtown San Diego to a part of Balboa Park.  His project “Air Pollution in Downtown San Diego vs Balboa Park” was selected as having the Best Crafted Hypothesis at the conference.

Max Hauptschein, Gabriel Trujillo, Bianca Luansing, Ethan Black and Trevor Reynafarje studied the “Particle Emission Difference Between Gasoline and Hybrid Cars”, and was selected as having the Best Poster Organization.

Shannon Matsch, Jair Garcia, Alonzo Mendoza, Holly Murphy and Jordan Tinney studied the “Particle Concentration Approaching the San Diego Airport”, and were selected as having the Best Oral Presentation.

Maya Salameh, Alyssa Duarte, Kelly Callejo, Alejandra Cruz, Dayana Martinez, Jewliet Carrington, Paola Anguiano and Nick Hyde studied “Aerosol Particle Concentration by Affluency of Area Code”.  This group was singled out by Dr. Pomeroy, who requested a copy of their poster.