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A message from Dr. García

Welcome to San Diego High School’s 137thacademic school year! I hope you enjoyed a relaxing and family enriching  summer. I personally took full advantage of my three week break by spending time with my growing children. Sophía (7) is now in second grade at Sherman Academy and Emma (4) joined her big sister as a transitional Kindergardener. Sebastián (age 3) is a Preschooler at Grace.

The 2018-2019 school year will mark my 21styear in education and my seventh working at San Diego High School. My personal resolve to ensuring ALL students are served academically remains solidly intact and am delighted to return to our collective work of ensuring that we provide a quality education to ALL of our students. Our Instructional Leadership Team, alongside our fantastic partners Dr. George Perry and Dr. Allan Alson, met over the summer to align our work for the school year. It includes the following: a) continue to strengthen our curriculum units with embedded pre and post assessments; b) streamline objectives that include a language, content and social goal; c) develop/refine student success criteria; d) strengthen the efficiency of our professional learning communities; and e) implement the department specific goals selected last year.

Our ILT also revisited our SDHS Framework, Instructional Core, SDHS Teaching Wheel, and DOK with the ultimate goal of embedding it into one overarching framework that will guide all of our work—a collective SDHS teacher efficacy approach! Our next steps include working with all of our departments to finalize the framework.

I’m confident that together we will make the 2018-2019 school year the best academic year for all of our students! San Diego High School is truly #unstoppable!


Dr. García, Principal