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1.     Follow directions from all adults.

2.     Use appropriate language.

3.     Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

4.     Wear your school uniform.

5.     Walk at all times using designated paths.

6.     Ride bicycles to school only in 4thand 5th grades.

7.     Scooters, rollerblades and skateboards are not permitted.

8.     Be responsible for school materials issued to you.

9.     Follow all playground rules. 

10.  Electronic devices are not permitted on campus.



Actions that will not be tolerated and which Suspension is a possible CONSEQUENCE:


ØPhysical injury to students or school personnel

ØThreats to students or to school personnel

ØDefiance directed toward school personnel

ØRepeated disruption of the instructional program

ØHabitual profanity or vulgarity

ØLoitering,vandalism, theft, or extortion

XZero tolerance


The San Diego Unified School District has a policy of Zero Tolerance.  For more detailed information please review and sign “Notice of Zero Tolerance Policy,” in the back of this handbook.

Emergency Messages  


Please do not call to have messages delivered to students in the classroom, except in extreme emergencies. Students are not permitted to use the school phone.




  Free breakfast and lunch are provided for students. Breakfast is served in the classroom at 7:40 a.m.  Students may bring healthy snacks from home to eat during morning recess.







                        Print Student Name

We acknowledge that the student has read and understood the Zero Tolerance Policy. This notice has been explained to the student and we realize the consequences of the student’s actions should he/she violate the policy.

San Diego Unified School District




The Board of Education has approved the following Zero Tolerance Policy:

·       Use, possession or brandishing of a weapon will result in a recommendation for expulsion. Aweapon is defined as, but not limited to, a firearm, pistol replica, starter pistol, stun gun, BB gun or pellet gun, a knife of any size or type, a dirk, dagger, razor, slingshot, any explosives or fireworks. Any object used in a dangerous manner will also be considered a weapon.

·       Repeated incidents of fighting, violent acts, or causing serious injury to another person will result in a recommendation for expulsion.

·       Attempting to commit or committing a sexual assault and committing a sexual battery.

·       Our district has a NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, or other DRUG USE POLICY. If you are found to be selling or furnishing controlled/prohibited substances you will be recommended for expulsion on your first offense. For possession or use, expulsion will be recommended on your third offense, except for tobacco offenses; ifyou are found in possession of tobacco you will be recommended for expulsion on your fourth offense.

·       In addition to discipline, if you are found to have violated the law you may be arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility.

·       Expulsion from the San Diego Unified School District will result in the loss of your privileges to attend school or extra curricular activities. You may be placed in an alternative school or program.

·       The Zero Tolerance Policy requires a recommendation for expulsion if the offense occurson school campus or at a school activity, whether on or off campus.

·       Expulsion may be recommended for an offense that occurs during lunch period – off campus, and during, or while going to or from a school-sponsored activity.

The Zero Tolerance Policy is designed to make your school a safe environment and to provide an appropriate learning environment for you and other students. There can be no acceptable reason for violating these rules.