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Special Education

Special Education

The San Diego Unified School District is committed to providing young children
and eligible students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education
consistent with federal and state laws. These laws require the district to
identify, locate and assess all students within the district from birth to 21
years of age who may have disabilities, and to provide appropriate support
and services to those eligible.

Special Education support and services are provided under the Individuals
with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA). The delivery
of special education services in the San Diego Unified School District is
described in the district’s Local Plan for Special Education BP430 & AR430

For more information, please contact the school office or visit the
SDUSD Special Education website Opens in new window..

Roosevelt Middle School is committed to meeting the needs of all students
and providing access to the rigorous IB curriculum. Please refer to the
attached RMS Inclusion Policy for more information regarding
special education services.