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Roosevelt Poetry Competition 2020 Winners!



How I Feel


The barren wasteland that lays outside,

All the people I wish were there,

Everything seems so much darker,

Like another world,

Yet it’s the same as the one we all know,

Once this is over we may change,

Or stay the same,

We say it's getting better,

But is it,

We tell people what to do,

Will they listen,

Can we stop this,


Or will it go on forever

Ian Lord

7th Grade

Honorable Mention


Stuck at home again today

Rain falls from the sky for another day

Video games aren’t much fun to play

Day after day after day


I’m like a broken record stuck on repeat

I use my phone, do my school work, eat

Just wanting life to go back to how it was


Yet I’m wondering when it does

Isabelle Foxworthy

8th Grade

Honorable Mention


The Coronavirus has caused quite a scare

With pandemic brings illness, confusion and fear

The world as we know it has changed everywhere

And has brought a new set of rules to which we must adhere


This may be a time for isolation and physical distancing

But we still have a choice

Choose to keep listening

And don’t forget you have a voice


It’s true that physical distancing has caused much despair

Isolation and loneliness can make life hard to bear

Let’s use this instead, as an opportunity for balance and repair


See this as a time for self-reflection

An opportunity for change

Look to thoughtful introspection

And what you’ve got to gain


Let’s take what we learned

Use this knowledge to grow

Keep your mind open and concerned

Take a risk to go beyond what you already know


When it’s all over and we can finally go out

Our best self will come forward


And the sacrifices and social distancing will not cast any doubt

Mathew Hopkins

8th Grade

Honorable Mention


PETS (Haiku)


Annoying but kind,

Fluffy and sometimes stinky,

Always by your side

Simon Moss

6th Grade

3rd Place


We yell and sing our support from across buildings

Trying to show people they’re not alone while social distancing

We smile from behind our masks 

And think, Did they smile back? 


We’re all just trying to get by,

In a time when the best we could do is just try

Try to do our parts like essential workers 

The nurses, doctors, those who work in food distribution

And of course, those who are working hard to find a solution


While we are buried with uncertainty, we must hope, 

Do our best to cope 

We can use this time to let our creativity shine through 

Connect with our families and find new fun things to do 


Beautiful blue skies raise our spirits 

Every day we only grow fonder of nature’s appearance

We regret the time that we took it for granted

As we watch it thrive, we struggle to survive 


Rethinking all our ideals on what it means to be alive

Hadeel Jawad

8th Grade

2nd Place





The Coronavirus Speaks


I was born in the Chinese province of Wuhan

Where most people don’t keep their shoes on

And people enjoy eating exotic animals

But...at least their not cannibals

I started inside of a brown furry bat

And you’ll be amazed to hear what happened after that

Some families bought the bat and ate it for lunch

Not a very good idea, but that’s just a hunch

I found myself cooked into a pot of bat stew

And then inside someone’s body where I multiplied and grew

I gave them a fever, they started to cough

And inside their saliva like a rocket, I took off

I landed on others standing near

At this big party where they were drinking beer

And they all went home, and they all got sick

And that’s when me, the coronavirus started to stick

I swept threw their families, I swept threw towns

Nothing could stop me from spreading around

I started in China where the population is dense

I didn’t take me long to hop the fence

I spread to cities and countries around the globe

The living nightmare of a germaphobe

I became famous on television and in the news

And politicians debated alternative views

About testing, vaccines, and quarantine

The economy, immunity, and things in between

And important for citizens their hands to be lathering

And postponing or canceling any big gathering

Our cities leaders were no big fools

The first thing they did was close all the schools

So students were sent home and couldn’t hangout

And that’s how they learned what social distancing is all about

For I am coronavirus, I’m highly contagious

And dissing my threat would be completely outrages

So people distanced themselves by 6 feet

And hugging and handshakes were no way to greet

These measures at first received some resistance

But people soon recognized the safety of social distance

So I’ve changed the world I’ve started a craze

And social distancing won’t just be a phase

Or a short term cure for COVID anxiety


But a permanent feature of human society

Charlotte Ferrier

8th Grade

1st Place