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Roosevelt Digital Instruction Schedule ~ 2020

Roosevelt Digital Instruction Schedule


This Schedule will officially begin April 27th. The intent of this schedule is to have time for students to focus on each subject and attend a Zoom video call if their teacher chooses to host one.  


Please check Google Classroom for information from each teacher.


Students will most likely have work to do outside of this time on their own for each subject.








Language and Literature (English)


9am - 11am

1pm - 2pm




9am -11am

1pm - 2pm




 9am - 11am

1pm - 2pm


Individual and Societies (History)

1pm - 2pm


9am - 11am


Visual and Performing Art (Elective)


2pm - 3pm


1pm - 3pm

World Language


2pm - 3pm


9am - 11am


Some of the things that have helped drive this schedule.

  1. We kept 11am to 1pm open for families to pick up food and eat lunch 

  2. Making sure the students and staff are not online for long periods of time each day. 

  3. Making sure there are a few hours in each day that are unstructured for teachers to collaborate with colleagues, plan freelance type time with specific kids, groups of kids, classes, etc.

  4. Physical and Health Education teachers have reached out with activities and exercises for students to do, please visit their Google Classrooms for more information