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 Roosevelt Wants You!!!

“Roosevelt Middle School’s volunteer program exists to enrich our school Community. We welcome the many diverse talents our volunteers bring, and we honor their commitment to our students and staff.”

Ms. Samantha Boice, President PTSA

Richard Harris, Chairman Friends Of Roosevelt Foundation

How do schools benefit from volunteering?

Volunteers can:

•   Increase children’s motivation for learning

•   Provide positive role models for students

•   Allow teachers to provide more individual attention for each child

How do volunteers benefit?

•   Opportunity to serve as role models 

•     Make new friends among staff and other volunteers

•   Make a contribution to the community

You can do it at your own schedule, including:

•      Recurring opportunities during the school day, before and after school and Saturdays

•      A few times per school year on weekends or evenings

•      You can even take some tasks home and complete them at your own pace

Parents of Roosevelt School students typically staff and coordinate the volunteer programs. Beginning in 2013-14, the Roosevelt Volunteer Program is recruiting a growing contingent of non-parent community volunteers and coordinators. It is anticipated that this new approach will provide continuity to the volunteer program beyond the three-year exposure of middle school parents, and introduce interesting and unique volunteer opportunities beyond those typical in school volunteering.

For a current list of events and projects that may match your experience, skills, interests and availability, click VolunteerSpot Opportunities.

For a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of volunteering, click Introduction to School Volunteering.

Finally, we want volunteering to be a positive experience for you, the students, the staff and the school.  Link to Improving Your Volunteer Experience, to read how RMS will try to ensure that your experience is positive for all stakeholders.

 At any time you may to become a RMS Volunteer.  If you do not see an opportunity in the VolunteerSpot link that meets your current interests and availability, or if you have interesting volunteer ideas that may help the school,  contact Richard Harris Volunteer Coordinator at the link below.

Volunteer Office, 619-301-0177 roosevelt.volunteering@gmail.com  (Note that the Volunteer Office is managed by volunteers and is not always staffed. Leave a message with contact information and we will get back to you soon.)

 It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  

“You give but little when you give of your possessions . 

Kahill Gibran