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Support Your School and Your Child,  Become a RMS Volunteer

“Roosevelt Middle School’s volunteer program exists to enrich our school Community. We welcome the many diverse talents our volunteers bring, and we honor their commitment to our students and staff.”  -Ms. Sandy Weiner, and Ms. Victoria Bonnett, Co-Presidents PTSA 

The BENEFITS of being involved in your child's school. Research shows that when parents are actively involved with their children's education,students' grades are higher, their self-esteem is greater, and they are more socially adjusted. In fact, the most accurate indicator of a student's academic success in school is not tied to family income or social status, but the extent to which a family:
Creates a home environment that encourages learning.
Sets high but realistic achievement and career expectations.
Becomes involved in their child's education and in the community.
At a time when local and state education funding is in peril and public schools face severe budget reductions, volunteers are needed more than ever. In just a few hours a week school volunteers have tremendous opportunity to make a difference in individual students’ lives and in the overall progress of a classroom and the school.
Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?
  1. Complete and return a school volunteer application Volunteer Application  (Spanish) 
  2. Read and acknowledge the Volunteer Code of Conduct Code of Conduct   (Spanish)
  3. Provide results of a Tuberculin (TB) skin test**.  Read the following TB Testing Quick Facts
  4. Complete and return the  form (only if you plan to be a driver/chaperone using a private vehicle).  This form must be completed, in addition to the other volunteer requirements, by parents and students who use their cars or other vehicles to transport other students on field trips or to and from school events
  5. Submit paperwork to the main office.  The volunteer coordinator at the school site will process your application and conduct the appropriate screening and/or background check
PLEASE NOTE: District policy requires that all new and returning volunteers have a current volunteer application and proof of a negative TB test on file with the school.  Volunteer applications must be completed each year.  TB tests are valid for four (4) years.  For the safety of our students it is important that the proper paperwork is on file for any volunteer who works with or has contact with our students.  Thank you for understanding the importance of this requirement.

**Tuberculosis Testing: The San Diego Unified School District requires that all persons who work with children be tested and found to be free of tuberculosis.  TB tests may be obtained from a private physician or the County Health Department. Clearance cards will be valid for four years from date of test.