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Welcome to the Roosevelt Middle School Literacy Learning Lab!  We are all looking forward to a fun and challenging year.  Let's look at what we will be learning and at some of our basic expectations for the Lab.  These will help us be successful as individuals and as a community this year.
What will be done in this class?
The learning environment of the Lab will be focusing on making progress in the skills of reading and written language.  Students will have opportunities to build academic skills through small group instruction, individualized targeted teaching, and computer-based learning.  Skills addressed will include reading fluency, vocabulary development, reading comprehension and written language.  This course has been designed to develop student's literacy skills.  Emphasis will be placed on conceptual understanding of grade level language arts common core standards as well as on student's individual IEP goals.
Class Expectations guided by one non-negotiable rule:
No student is allowed to interfere with another student's learning.
Expectations summarized by the Four P's:
1. Be Prompt
2. Be Prepared
3. Be Polite
4. Be Productive
Everyday, students should bring to class:
Positive attitude
Student planner
How students earn a grade in the Learning Lab:
Participation= 30% Daily in-class grade between 0-6 will include being present, being prepared, working consistently and contributing positively throughout class.
Classwork= 60%  Productive work on reading and writing assignments as well as on assessments.
Homework= 10% Maintaining the academic planner.  The planner must be checked daily and signed by parent or guardian to earn this grade.