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Prime Time

Morning and Afternoon PrimeTime Programs will be run by the Mission Valley Y.M.C.A.  Both programs will consist of academic support and enrichment activities.  A focus on academic achievement will be emphasized with students participating in PrimeTime programs.  All students in PrimeTime are required to attend one hour of homework support. Most sports games, practices, and clubs will start after homework has been completed.  PrimeTime coordinators will be working closely with Roosevelt teachers and counselors to ensure all PrimeTime students are achieving academically. 

PrimeTime students have access to various clubs such as Garden, MESA, Girls in Science, and Cheer. However, parents raise funds to keep these non-PrimeTime clubs running. Financial contributions to support these clubs are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to the Roosevelt Foundtaion (Roo Friends

If you should have any questions, please contact: 

Program Coordinator- Youth Development

Roosevelt International Baccalaureate Middle School 

(P) 619-548-9810 (F) 619 298 4341