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Halloween Costume Rules/Guidelines 2017

Halloween Costume Rules/Guidelines 2017

All students wearing costumes to school MUST read and follow the costume rules/guidelines. Students not wearing costumes MUST be in uniform.


  • Costume preparations must be completed before coming to school. No dressing once at school

  • All make-up and sprays will be confiscated and not returned including face paint

  • Masks may not be worn at or to school or on the bus

  • Full face paint may not be worn to school

  • Students wearing costumes that depict violence or violent characters will call home for a change of clothes or will be required to wear loaner clothing.

  • Please be respectful. You will be asked to change into a loaner uniform if

    1. Wearing a costume that is derogatory or disrespectful

    2. Costume promotes the use of illegal activities or substances

    3. Costume is not easily identifiable

    4. Wearing sagging pants, skirt shorter than finger tips unless shorts or leggings are worn underneath, midriff showing, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, ripped jeans

  • If you aren’t sure if your costume is appropriate, don’t wear it or bring a change of clothes in your backpack


  • Teachers will confiscate items inappropriate for school (plastic knives, swords, guns, bullets, blood, graphic illustrations, etc.)


  • You must dress out for P.E.

  • Students who have questions about the acceptability of their costume should check with their 1st period teacher before the 31st

  • BE RESPECTFUL with Roosevelt PRIDE!