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The mission of the Counseling Program is to help maximize each
student’s potential and academic achievement by addressing the
academic, career, and personal/social development of all children.

The purpose of the Roosevelt Counseling Department is to promote
academic achievement and enhance personal growth so every
student can reach his or her highest potential.

When to See Your Counselor:

Here are some times you should see your counselor.

            ▪ School concerns:

            ▪ If you feel harassed or made fun of in any way at school.
            ▪ If your grades need to be better and you need assistance
              getting the academic help you need.
            ▪ If you have test anxiety.
            ▪ If you need help with your study skills.
            ▪ Any other issues that make you feel nervous or upset at school.

            ▪ When you want to plan what classes you want to take for the
              next semester.
            ▪ College planning.
            ▪ Career planning.

            ▪ Crisis intervention: if you feel like hurting yourself or someone
              else or you feel really upset about something going on in your life.
            ▪ Conflict management: If you are having a hard time getting along
              with anyone at school or home.
            ▪ Behavioral management: If you are having a hard time paying
              attention in class or find yourself getting into more trouble than
              you want to.
            ▪ Personal awareness: If you have a hard time making or keeping
              friends, or you have other personal or social issues that would
              like to talk to your counselor about.
            ▪ Family concerns: If you are having a hard time getting along with
              your parents, if there has been a lot of stress in your house because
              of a change in your family’s finances, if there are issues of
              substance abuse, other abuse, or a divorce of your parents.

            ▪ Suicide prevention: If a friend has told you that they might do
              something to hurt him/herself, or if you notice signs or symptoms
              of suicide in yourself or someone you know.
Joan Martinez
6th & 7th Grade Counselor
Last Names A-L
(619)362-3850 x2201
Room 201

Alyson Ramirez
6th & 8th Grade Counselor
Last Names M-Z
(619)362-3850 x2099
Room 201

Eddie Johnson
Guidance Assistant
(619)362-3850 x3089
Room 201