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CCTE Innovation Showcase 2020

Reflection of Our Invisible Heroes

Congratulations to the 7th grade Spanish Language Immersion (SLIM) students for their achievement in winning this year's College, Career, and Technical Education (CCTE) Innovation Showcase in the Middle School category for Project-Based Learning. Our bilingual Roughriders competed against 5 other middle schools and 10 different teams from the district. Sra. Bernardino and Sr. Mosler designed and taught a project-based and interdisciplinary IB unit that transpired over a good part of the year.

The students executed a humanities-based project called Los héroes entre nosotros (The Heroes Among Us). They explored the concepts of power and influence to change people's behavior for good. The students identified the core values and principles that are the foundation of heroic acts. The students looked to their own communities to identify people who embody those values and found that not all heroes do stand-out things. On the contrary, heroes can be those who do everyday acts of love and selflessness to make the world a better place. Those heroes abound all around us! --Especially now, during our present moment. ¡Felicidades! Roughriders!


Hans Mosler - History/Spanish Language Immersion Program

Lucinda Bernadino - World Languages/Spanish Language Immersion Program


The SDUSD CCTE Innovation Showcase is the culminating event to exhibit an outside of the classroom product attempting to address an outside the classroom problem in collaboration with at least one adult from the business or local community. In addition to being a showcase for student projects, the Innovation Showcase is a contest. Contest champions in multiple categories will be determined by the Innovation Showcase Panel of Judges. 

This year, instead of display booths, the audience will be directed to view projects via the CCTE Innovation Showcase Website