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8th Grade Promotion Information


We are happy to announce that all students will be included in our promotion celebration this year. Given the circumstances, attendance and other criteria will be waived. All students will be able to pick up a promotion certificate at our school on the materials drop off dates of Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd.  Time and date assignments are listed below by student last name. There will be a drive through and walk up option. Only immediate family members are allowed. All social distancing rules will be in place and students and families will not be allowed to get out of the car for the drive through option.  If you are unable to make it on one of these days we will mail the certificate home.

Material Drop-off

We will have a pick up of promotion certificates for all students in coordination with a drop off of materials.   We are collecting textbooks, old uniforms, and anything else you would like to donate.  We are not collecting devices if students are continuing onto a San Diego Unified High School.  If you are leaving the district, please do drop off your child’s device.  Please see below for the time slots for each student.


June 1st

June 2nd


Last Name

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  • Safety First: Staff will be following social distancing and safety guidelines to protect everyone. Students, parents, and family members should wear masks and follow social distances rules.
  • Drive Through Directions:
    • All students, parents, and family members must remain in the car at all times.
    • Drivers and passengers should have a mask available for interacting with staff at drop off and pick up stations.
    • The promoting student should sit in the passenger seat.
    • Display a large paper in the front windo with your student's first and last name.
    • Place textbooks and uniform donations in a bag for drop off.
    • Please remain in your vehicle at all times and follow directions for the designated path. A staff member will come to your vehicle at each drop-off / pick-up station.
    • UPDATED: Enter from Zoo Drive, Southbound lane, and through the gate by the statue. Look for the balloons and follow the signs. You will drive through campus on the marked route, exiting through the gate next to the main office, onto Upas Street.
  • Walk Up Directions:
    • Form one line leading to the front door of the main office, maintaining physical distancing lines.
    • Please do not bring anyone other than those absolutely necessary.
    • Keep your family close together to maintain a 6 ft. distance between families at all times.
    • Bring textbooks and place uniform donations in a bag for drop off.
    • Families will be served one at a time and will not be allowed to enter the building.

Collection of Personal Items

Personal Item Collection Survey is available to let us know what personal items your student might need to pick up from school. Please fill out the form online or call us with the information. We will provide an update with more details as soon as possible.

Promotion Video

We are going to have a promotion video in place of a traditional promotion ceremony.  Our ASB adviser, Ms. Leach, will put together a video and needs your help.  Please add her Google Classroom for 8th grade families to share a video or photo of your 8th grade student. Check your Google Classroom to see if your teachers have shared this code with you. If you haven't received it, please email Ms. Leach.

IB Community Project Certificate

During these challenging times, many students were not able to complete their Community Project (CP) Service. However, all students have the opportunity to complete the culminating Reflection for their CP. The reflection will be graded on an 8 point IB Rubric and students will be awarded an additional IB Community Project Certificate if they score a 6 or higher. The guidelines for the Reflection along with the IB Rubric can be found on the Roosevelt web page. If you have any questions, please contact your Advisory teacher or Ms. Christensen.

San Diego High School Enrollment Information

San Diego High School wants all 8th grade families to know that Enrollment into SDHS for the Fall Term is currently open. Information and procedures are located in both English and Spanish.

For any additional questions, please email Alma Casillas. or call (619) 800-5673 between 8:00 am – 10:00 am, M-F. Voicemail Only: (619) 560-4610 ext.3021

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