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Volunteer call!
For Crosswalk after school
Order Pershing Gears Online!
Official customized panther clothes for the family!
Cyber Safety Tips
Parents Only Workshop on October 17th at 5:30pm
Suggested School Supplies
Please continue to check our website for updates throughout the year.
2018-2019 School Calendar
And this year's important dates.
Put this on your calendar Minimum Days of 2018-2019 @ Pershing
Dismissal is at 1:15 p.m.
Replacement ID Cards
Lost or damaged ID cards will be $2.00 in the front office.
New Requirements for the Pertussis Booster Vaccine for 7th Grades
There are new pertussis booster requirements you may not know about
AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination
A 7th & 8th grade elective offered in 2017-2018 and next year. AVID is a program that promotes a college-going culture with an emphasis on a rigorous curriculum with support.
Homework @ the Library
Got Homework? Students in grades K-8 can get FREE assistance at one of 18 San Diego Public Libraries.
Nid: 36181868