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Absence Procedure

Illness - Parents must call / notify the school within five days of absence.  Unverified absences will be considered unexcused absences.

Doctor's Appointments, Early Dismissal - Parent must request early dismissal for their children from the attendance office.

Extended Absences - Parent or guardian must notify the attendance office for a contract of independent study five school days in advance of a trip or extended absence. This will give students credit for missed classroom time.  If a contract is not obtained, this absence will be unexcused.  Your student's grade will be adversely affected.  Extended trips / personal leaves are discouraged during the school year.  Please avoid making appointments for your students during the school day.

To report an absence:

Please call the Perry office at 619-479-4040 and provide the following information:

1.  Student's first and last name
2.  Room number
3.  Date of absence
4.  Reason for absence