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Food Pantry

ALL families with student(s) at Perry are invited to BRING GROCERY BAGS/BOXES and stock up on 22-30 pounds of fresh produce and staple goods such as oatmeal, rice, beans, peanut butter, protein shakes, granola bars, cereal, and much more.  Distributions will occur on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:30-1:30 PM in the cafeteria.

Please note:

  • Only parents/guardians with student(s) who attend Perry will be eligible to receive food from the pantry.

  • We will not have bags or boxes, so please remember to bring your own to carry your items.  This is very important, as there is a lot of food, and you will definitely need something sturdy to carry it all home.

  • Perry students are not allowed to enter or receive items from the panrty without their parent/guardian being present.

If you have questions, please contact Rachel Wohnhaas at Rachel.Wohnhaas@yahoo.com, or you may contact the school directly.