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Principal Newsletter

Dear Pacific Beach Elementary Families:

Hello!  To our new families—Welcome to PBE; we’ve been waiting for you!  To our returning Penguins--welcome back; you have been missed!

I for one cannot wait for school to begin.  Our PBE community has been hard at work to make sure our campus sparkles just like the phenomenal instruction that occurs within the classrooms. 

*Thank you to ALL the countless volunteers that have graciously and humbly donated their time and resources. Our students and staff thank you!


Projects completed or under way:

New tricycle track

Painted Poles

New outdoor tables                                                                                                                                                                      


Updated auditorium cafeteria tables

Caterpillar sitting area

Surfboard mural(s)

Maker-Space Mural

Wall Ball Mural

Campus Clean-up


Replacing weathered wooden cut-outs with new cut-outs

Restroom renovations

New tricycles

Sand and water tables

New carpet for front office and auditorium






Incoming Kindergarten Students…

Important Dates:

August 25th 1-2pm—Orientation Meeting in the Auditorium with the Principal. In an effort to introduce students to their future classmates, parents are invited to the Kate Sessions Park at 2pm for an informal meet-and-greet, coordinated by PBE parents.  TK and Kindergarten assignments will be posted this day.


August-September 2017

-Baseline Testing will occur throughout the end of August and early on into September. 

You will be notified by the front office of potential test dates.  These initial assessments look at what foundational skills your child has mastered.  There is no need to prepare for this test, but this preliminary data will help us in the class balancing process. If you are unable to make it to one of the summer test dates, we will assess your child when they begin school.  Please know that class assignments may shift due to enrollment numbers and a better understanding of student needs. Balancing of classes is fluid for the first 4 weeks of school as enrollment numbers fluctuate and learning needs are identified.   

Below are areas that we will be assessing:


                                                -Number and letter recognition

                                                -Sight words

                                                -Letter Sounds

                                                -Shape recognition


August 28th-September 1st:

To help our TK and Kindergarten students transition to a full-day of learning, they will be released at 12:15pm, for the first five days of instruction.  This helps students to naturally ease into the school experience, as they learn the campus, staff, their routines and school procedures. 

Before school begins:

Please work with your children on the following:

1.       Tying shoe laces

2.       Buttoning pants

3.       Toileting habits, such as wiping, washing hands, observing the one-stall-one-person rule, and flushing.

4.       Read to your child, DAILY.

5.       Help your child to understand that school rules are in place to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. 

6.       Let your child know that they are surrounded by school staff who are ready to support them, and to help them learn and to grow. 



PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  Our goal is to create a healthy, kid-friendly environment that honors kindness, safety, and the whole child.  A team made up of teachers, support staff, and the principal, attended PBIS trainings.  The purpose of these trainings was to better inform schools how to implement rules and procedures that honor the students and reduce/eliminate known campus concerns.  After reviewing our survey results, we determined that our lunch arbor area, which included the following areas: our eating area, cafeteria, lunch-court bathrooms, and waiting areas; needed special attention.  We have devised procedures and rules that will help students and staff to implement expected behaviors and protocols.  Students will practice these new protocols for the first weeks of school, until it becomes routine.  Our PBIS team will meet monthly to analyze behavioral data and to make adjustments. 



Safety Plan Updates

Our School Site Council, comprised of elected community members, support staff, administration and teachers, are responsible for reviewing and updating the school’s public Safety Plan.  Our Safety Plan is a living document that gets reviewed often to ensure that we are providing the safest environment possible for our students and staff.  Yearly, the community is invited for a safety meeting, in which we get to hear of concerns and input from school stakeholders in an effort to keep our plan relevant and strong. 

At our last meeting, our School Site Council/School Governance Team devised a plan to better ensure that our campus is secured in a timely matter, and that we were optimizing instructional minutes. 

Please note the following changes:

1.       Campus supervision starts at 7:30am for 1st through 5th grade students.  Therefore, gates will be closed until this time to ensure that no child remains without on campus staff supervision.  If your child participates in the Safety Patrol program, please have your child enter through the front office.  TK and K students need to be supervised by a parent or guardian until school begins.


2.        TK and K students have an earlier dismissal time.  They will end their day at 2:00pm M, T, TH, and F, at 12:15pm on Wednesdays, and need to be picked up in the Kindergarten area.  Please enter through the Fanuel St. gate entrance. 1st-5th grades will dismiss at 2:10.


3.       School begins at 7:50am.  Any student arriving after this time is considered tardy. Gates will be closed at 7:50am to secure our campus.  Parents who wish to remain on campus need to check in with the front office, and must have a pre-planned purpose for their stay.  If you wish to volunteer, please make sure that all proper paperwork and documentation is filled out with the front office.  There is a scheduled volunteer orientation meeting on September 1st at 8:00am, in the auditorium.


4.       Once school begins, we are kindly asking for all parents to say their goodbyes on the playground and not follow into the classroom or school hallways. 



a.       Our goal is to begin instruction as soon as possible and to allow students to independently begin their school procedures and routines (hanging backpacks, starting classwork, turning in assignments…etc.).  

b.      The principal is asking for teachers to not engage in parent meetings during times of direct supervision and instructional times.


5.       WEDNESDAY DISMISSAL TIME HAS CHANGED.  In order to build in professional learning opportunities for our staff, we will be dismissing students at 12:15pm on Wednesdays. 

We will continue to release at 11:55 during official minimum days.  *A calendar of minimum days will be included in your parent packet.


6.       All teachers, supervisors, and supplemental support staff are required to carry a walkie-talkie with them.  This will allow for channels of communication to remain open.


7.       Playground facilitators have been funded by our PTO to ensure that ample supervision is provided during outside play and lunch periods.  These facilitators will create play stations and encourage students to be actively and physically engaged during break times. 


8.       PBIS will be taught to students, so that they will know how to treat themselves and others, and learn routines that ensure safety, respect, and responsibility. 


We pride ourselves in being a community school, and our grateful for the many volunteers that help us throughout the year.  We understand that these changes are new and stringent, and we appreciate your help and support as we create the safest and most welcoming learning environment for our students. 


Balancing Classes:

Creating classes is well underway.  As a reminder, we utilize academic data, teacher input, parent input, informal observations and student behavior to best balance our classrooms. 

There is a strong likelihood that we will need to hire additional staff to accommodate our student population.  This will be finalized within the first 4-weeks of school.  Enrollment numbers may fluctuate, classroom placements will be fluid for the first month.  Classes will most likely need to be reconfigured and your child may need to change teachers to help classes achieve optimal placements.  Please help your children to understand that change is a natural part of the start of a school year.  They will continue to be supported emotionally and academically in every classroom.

As a means to decrease unnecessary movement, parent requests to change their child’s classrooms will not be honored during this time.  Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Preliminary class assignments will be posted on the auditorium doors on Saturday, August 26th, by 9:00am.


New Hires to Pacific Beach Elementary


Pamela Denenberg—Primary Teacher

Brenda Taylor—Primary Teacher

Susan Weinshanker—Science Prep Teacher

Sheri Purry— BSS1 Custodian

Alfonso Gallegos Jr.—Night Custodian

Elyse Locatelli—Long-Term Substitute


Thank you to Greg McKinney and Norman Stewart for the countless hours of hard work and dedication to our school. You will be sorely missed.