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GATE/Seminar Parent Forum

Parents and community members were asked to contribute their thoughts and ideas surrounding our GATE and GATE/Seminar program.  These discussions will be shared with all school stakeholders, and help to shape our Single Site Plan for Student Achievement.  As a site, our staff and adminstration, along with our School Site Council drafted a Mission and Vision statement that helps to guide our decision making.  We strive for an excellent education for all students, and to create environments that our worthy of our children.  We beleive it is our fundamental purpose to help all students realize their own worth and potentials, and that all disciplines can be enhanced when approached with a scientific lens.  Please join us in keeping the conversations going on how we can continue to meet the individual needs of our students, whille creating an environment that embraces respect, tolerance, courage and consideration. Click here to read more about our GATE/Seminar Forum and community responses.