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School Start Quick Reference

School Start
8/19 Office Opens 8:00am - 3:00pm
New student enrollment open 8:00am-11:00am
Access main office from Felspar St.
8/19 New Phone Number Starts!
(old number will still work for 6 months) Phone (858) 221-5600 Fax (858) 221-5620
8/20 NEW Student Orientation @ 9:00am auditorium
Early Schedule Distribution - not required but if you want a sneak peek most schedules will be ready. We reserve the right to update and change schedules as needed.
6th grade: immediately after orientation
7th grade: 10:30am, lunch-court
8th grade: 11:00am, lunch-court
8/26 First Day of School Have a great day!
8/28 Modified Day (every Wednesday)
Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools or
FOPBSS Meeting @ 5:30pm School ends at 12:55, no 7th period Mission Bay Yacht Club
8/29 Block Day period 1, Advisory, 3, 5 (7th if enrolled)
8/30 Block Day period 2, Advisory, 4, 6 (7th if enrolled)
9/2 Labor Day No School
9/5 School Tour @ 7:45am
Mission Bay Cluster Meeting @ 6:00pm Media Center
Mission Bay High School
9/9 School Site Council @ 2:30pm Media Center
9/18 Back to School Night @ 4:30pm Auditorium
9/19 Principal’s Coffee @ 8:00am Media Center
9/20 Fall Dance @ 6:00pm Auditorium
9/23 School Site Council @ 2:30pm Media Center
9/25 FOPBSS @ 6:00pm MBHS
9/26 Picture Day Free Dress Day
9/27 Semester 2 - 2019 Awards @ 7:30am Auditorium
9/29 PB Palooza!
First Week Routines Foster Independence
-Sixth graders will be tired when they arrive home. Give them a lot of encouragement as they settle into their new schedules and meet new friends.
-Minimize plans and try to maximize family time by taking a walk at night or playing a game together. Your child will be able to talk about his/her day in a risk-free atmosphere.
-Keep a set schedule at home as much as possible.
-Help your child go through his/her backpack and get a homework routine set-up everyday, even if there's no assigned homework.
-If he/she forgets something or makes a mistake, please do not rush to bring it to school or fix it. Let her/him come up with a solution or list of solutions and try them on before coming to the rescue.
Pick-up / Drop-off
Enter on Felspar only until school starts. The Diamond St. entrance will be open for drop-off and pick-up once school starts. There is no entrance on Ingraham. It is highly advised to set-up a drop-off and pick-up spot that might involve a little walking to school to avoid high-traffic times. Or, better yet, walk and roll to school and save the environment and get a little exercise.
New Spaces
One week to go and summer construction will be done tomorrow! Demolition of two buildings is complete and we have a new health office, Three new classroom spaces and a new counseling center. Please note that with construction in full swing, current access to the school is on Felspar ONLY.
Uniforms Unify Us
PBMS has a uniform policy that we expect all students to follow. Clothing must be solid navy, white, or khaki. Check out our website for more information on the school uniform and dress code on the policies page. Dress code applies to all clothing, regardless of color of clothing. Please no gym shorts outside of physical education and never cut-off shirts or crop tops.