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Project Ideas

Ideas for NEW Projects - 6th and 7th graders, it's never too early to get started! Try on a project this year and then it can grow and develop into your 8th grade project.

-Try to get a microwave for students to use at lunch

-Organize a Postcard Pick-me-up party for postcardpickmeup.org

-Find a solution for the weird area under the staris in the media center

-Coordinate and lead a Walking or Rolling Team from Admiral Hartman Community Center http://guide.saferoutesinfo.org/encouragement/walking_school_bus_or_bicy...

-Raise awareness about the need for donating your voice to help others who use assistive technologies to communicate https://www.vocalid.co/voicebank#

-Fix up and take care of the succulent planters at school

-Come up with guidelines and solutions for cutting down on paper posters and fliers around school

-Publish a list of project ideas for students who want to work with animals in San Diego

-Publish a list of project ideas for students who want to volunteer with children in hospitals, care facilitites, or foster care

-Publish project ideas for each category such as environment, health, children, animals (above)

-Design annual awards for businesses and houses that support ecologically friendly packaging, ocean-friendly gardens


NOTE: Unless otherwise approved, schoolwide fundraisers will be run through Builders Club. See Mrs. Sims for more information. Collection drives will be run in collaboration with ASB and/or Builders Club and must have approval through Mrs. Sims. 


Last Year's Projects

-Redesign the Counseling Center

-Setting up international penpals with students in France and Japan

-Plan a Paddle-out for Clean Water inspired by Surfrider's Annual Paddle for Clean Water

-Coordinate a lunch-time celebration, band, dance competition, or other event

-Coordinate a Prejudice Reduction learning experience at PB Middle

-Coordinating a Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train (see Builders Club)

-Designing solutions to make our hallway traffice slower and less congested

-Repainting the Murals

-Design a project that gets to the root causes of poverty. Check-out "Beyond the Food Drive"

-Researching how much food is thrown away by PB Middle Students

-Maintaining the succulent planter boxes

-Coordinating Spanish and Chinese Tutoring at lunch

-Coordinating Math, Science, and Design Night

-Organizing photos from PB Town Council

-Update stories from Surf Elders in PB

-Researching and evaluating charities that are interesting to middle-schoolers

-Creating a list of service project ideas for students who love animals

-Creating a list and advocate for resources to pass the Language Other than English Test (LOTE)


MORE Examples of Past Projects

Safe Routes to Schools
School Clean-up
The Truth about Cinco de Mayo
Field lettering repainted
Promoting Board Recycling and Rerip.com Coordination
Library Programming PBMS - Riddle of the Day
Taylor Library Children's Program
Arabic Language Lessons
Music lessons at Local Elementary Schools
Storefront Dinner Preparation
Beach Clean-up Coordinator
Water Conservation
Fair Trade Award program (7th graders)
Data Collection of Invasive Species in Rose Canyon
EUNIME Orphanage
Give Your Gear for Tijuana's Blue Tarp School
Mural Painting
Games Coordination at Senior Living Facility
Walk for Animals (Humane Society)
Kitten Season Blankets (Humane Society)
Adoption, Caring, and Training for House Bunnies
Seagulls in the Lunch-court - Watch out below!!!
Battery Recycling Program
Academic Honesty in the IB
What is IB to Me? Video Contest (yahoo! we won!!!)
PB Middle Military Student's Survival Booklet
Coordinating Building Communities Program
Art Sale for Cambodian Village Fund Water Filter Project
Strings for Seniors
Foster Children Christmas Event
Dia de los muertos  at pbms.diadelosmuertos
Neighborhood Recycling Project to Benefit a Cause
2014-2015 PB Middle -Completed IB Community Projects (Pilot Project Year - First Wave Risk-Takers, whoohoo!)
  • Go Brown. Turn off your water and letter your lawn go brown. www.savewatergobrown.com (Chloe P.)
  • Service Learning Opportunities (SLO) Find a service opportunity visit our webpage. http://slosandiego.wix.com/service-opportunites (Ellie L. Krista P., Devin P.)
  • Curie Garden: Nina installed weather-resistant musical instruments in the Curie Elementary Garden
  • Recycled Art: Nick and Taylor raised awareness about the many uses for plastic water-bottles and the need to keep them out of the landfill by designing art with upscaled materials
  • SeaGull Trash: Zander worked on solving the problems of seagull spreading trash around campus after lunch. He researched solutions to stop seagulls from being able to get into our trashcans and therefore reducing the amount of trash on campus and keep it from going down the stormdrains. He was able to get trashcans with tight-fitting lids for the school. We still need help getting this project finished up if anyone is interested.
  • PB & J: McKenzie asked for donations of Sun Butter, Jelly, sandwich bags, and paper lunch bags to deliver PB & J sandwiches to homeless to show them PB Middle students care about them. (In collaboration with United Methodist on Thomas Street)
  • Rady's Children Hospital: Rain and Ashley are collected new coloring books, crayons and markers and delivered children in long-term hospital stays at Rady's Childrens Hospital.
  • Men's Homeless Outreach: Mathew, Andrew, Carter collected travel-sized men's hygiene items and $5.00 gift cards to be distributed to the homeless.
  • Beach Clean-ups: various