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Assorted Resources for PB Middle IB Educators

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Curriculum planners/units in IB Office
Policies on our Policy Page

A suggested IB reading list http://123.writeboard.com/d6ab3159e0ba0a982

fyi...IB materials, curriculum information and historical documentation available for all members of the Pacific Beach learning community. Visit the IB office to view documents.

Going Global Resources

ePals Global Community

IB Global Lessons Blog

IB Community Theme homepage (check out the new lessons for September!

Global Youth Action Links

Top Apps for Global Contexts

Professional Development


Lexicons of Learning (glossary of teaching and learning terms)

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Teaching Tolerance Magazine (article sample)

21st Century Learning


WestEd's Presentations and Webinars

Riveting Talks by Remarkable People Free to the World

ASCD - Supporting English Language Learners (variety of article links)

Common Core (CDE)



USD ELDA CONFERENCE LINKS: Globalization of Education in a Flat World

Outreach World: Resources for teaching kids about the world

Asia Society

Yong Zhou, Director of the Center for Teaching and Technology

Confucius Institute


World Mapper, create unique maps to organize data

Nine Gateways to Personalized instruction

Hot Topics in Chinese and US Education Archives

Strengths Movement

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson is mentioned in Fires in the Mind book and blog


Multilingualism Resources

Biblioteca Ayacucho - historical documents in Spanish back to the 1800's

Being Bilingual Translates into More Job Opportunities


Edutopia: Global Language Learning

IB World: Why Language Matters

Rocket Spanish 101 - fun, easy, free Spanish tutorial resources

studyspanish.com - basic, easy, free

Altavista BabelFish online translating tool

A Global Perspective on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Teaching Digital Natives

EdTech Courses For class descriptions and to register go to http://tinyurl.com/cyaxzp
OR http://registration.sandi.net/

IB Technology = information, systems, materials

IB discussion thread about technology

IB Technology Blog from Triple A Learning

Online Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Rethink the classroom poster with Glogger


IBB Quick links for Teachers

Peterson Lecture Speeches (amazing)

George Walker's Speeches (IB former Director General)

Rules for IB World Schools

Stay Connected with IB Twitter, Blogs, Facebook (NEW)

IB Increasing Access blog (NEW)

IBO for teachers general info

IB North America

IB Online Curriculum Center (download new interim objectives and new Language A guide)

IB Online Professional Development

California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS)

California Association of IB World Schools Facebook page

40 years of IB (pdf - history and vision of international baccalaureate)

Reimers, Fernando M. "Preparing Students for the Flat World". Education Week. 2008.

IB Mission and Strategy

IB Programmes

IB Fast Facts

IB Quiz on Parent Page



From Concept to Classroom: Inquiry

Lynn Erickson on Conceptual learning (visit the IB OCC)

Inquiry and Formative Assessment (pdf)

Connect Magazine (Formative Assessment Issue)

Differentiation Central from Carol Ann Tomlinson (follow-up to Toronto IB training)

Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science free video clips

Inquiry in the Content Areas

Interesting Content Connections

Academic Honesty