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The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Community Project
IB students from around the world embark on a Community Project in 8th grade. This is the third year of the IB Community Project at PB Middle for all 8th graders. With the guidance of your teachers, you have been completing projects and learning about the importance of making our world a better place at PB Middle. Now it's your turn. You'll work as a team to investigate, plan, take action, reflect, and present/share a project of your choice. You start by researching a community (local, state, national, or global) issue or need that interests you and your team.
Think about topics that interest you.
  • If you skateboard, what are needs in the skateboaring community? What are problems skaters encounter? How can you work for a solution?
  • If you noticed a lot of paper being wasted in classes what could you do about it? What could be a possible solution?
  • If you are bothered by how much food is wasted at lunch, what can you do about it? How can you find a solution to the problem?
  • If you like horses, what is a need in the horse community that you want to address? What can you do for abandoned horses?
  • If you like surfing, can you create a new type of board for someone who doesn't have use of his/her legs? How can you keep toxic chemicals from boards out of our landfill?
  • If you like music, how can you use your talents to help or entertain others?
  • What organizations are working on issues that are important to you? How can you help the organization of your choice? What do they need?
IB Community Project
1) You will explore your right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community.
2) You will have an opportunity to develop awareness of needs in your communities and address those needs through completing a service learning project.
3) You will engage in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service as action in the community.
4) You may work alone or complete project in a group of no more than three students.
There are four phases, or objectives, to accomplish in completing the Project. 
A: Investigate
B: Plan
C: Take action (complete the project)
D: Reflect (Present/Share)
Remember: Research and statistics are a very important part of this project.
Reference Guide
You will receive a Reference Guide in Advisory. It is also available here. This guide will help you with each phase of the project. Visit the Documents page to learn about how to use the Reference Guide and also how to document your process in what will become your Process Journal.
Each week you have mini-lessons on the Community Project in your Advisory class. You are required to meet and discuss your project with your Advisor. You will document your meeting summaries in a form called the Adacemic Honesty Statement. You'll receive this document in Advisory and keep it in your Process Journal folder. 
Take Action Tuesdays - Lunchtime in the upstairs Media Center Library, IB Office
To learn more please view the sample documents, come to workshops/Take Action Tuesdays at the IB Office, or contact Mrs. Sims jsims@sandi.net in the PB IB Office.
Link to Community Project survey:
Make sure to log in to Google with your district ID FIRST.