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You Make a Difference
Opportunity - Need a project for 8th grade Community Project? Get started now. We need someone to update an awesome resource that organizes resources based on different issues. Mrs. Sims has the password to a site that was created but is now old and needs updating. See Mrs. Sims to make an appointment to go over the resources with your group. See Mrs. Sims on Tuesday or Thursday in the IB Office at lunch or get a pass to come up and discuss this project during advisory.  Service Learning Opportunities (SLO)

PB Middle Video-bulletin
- regular service announcements and opportunities. To promote your own event on the bulletin you must have your advisor send in the announcement (remember the bulletin item must be sent in and approved by administration before being sent to the video class for broadcasting the following week - plan at least two weeks ahead of time!)
Check-out the links on the page's side bar for ideas of current service opportunities. Share links and create your own page for an issue you're passionate about.
Easiest Ways to Serve inside of School
Help your Classroom Teachers
Design or join a School club that qualifies as service
Complete assignments or activities in class that help raise awareness, communicate about local issues or organizations, or meet service-learning objectives put forth by your teachers
Help promote a friend's project by making a business card for them to hand out during exibition, make posters if they need help promoting an event or presentation, design an online post for our webpage, or just show up and support them when they are taking action.
Plan an event or raise awareness about something you are passionate about for instance, if you like math, plan an event for Pi Day http://www.piday.org/
Easiest Ways to Help Outside of School
Volunteer at you elementary school
Scouting or Church activities
Community Events such as a Beach Clean-up, SD Humane Society Walk for Animals, PBTC Grafitti Clean-up
Sponsor a Storefront Teen Shelter Dinner

Ideas for Supporting our Military

Match your talents, interests, or passion with a service event...or plan your own IB Community Project