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Parents and Organizations...Here is your chance to make a difference at PB Middle.
Sharing is Caring... please donate school uniforms, or classroom items in the front office. 
NOTE: Donors names can be advertised if requested and for large donations, a donation letter can be obtained for tax purposes.
-feminine products (pads)
-triangular bandages
-2" or 4" rolls of gauze
-gallon-sized ZipLock bags
-Ace wraps
-instant ice-packs
-gently used khaki, navy, and white (larger sizes for students, women size 10+, men size 30+ waist ) 
-OSHA recommended First Aid Kit #202
GARDEN (Contact Garden Coordinator, Sally Kaufman, skaufman@sandi.net for more information)
 -Volunteer Garden Coordinator/Manager
      -Garden Steward: ongoing garden maintenance and coordination and recruitment of regularly scheduled adult and student volunteers
 -Materials & Equipment
      -brick edging 
      -gravel or rock for under hose
      -plastic utility sink 
      -bags of potting soil, soil amendment or compost
      -raised bed gardens (w/ help from Rotary of Pacific Beach) 
      -pony packs of organic, non-GMO vegetables
-Possible Eagle Scout / Community Service Projects 
      -wooden compost bins
      -weatherproof bulletin or information board 
      -fundraising for three district approved metal benches same as throughout campus 
-Ocean Friendly Gardening status - still working on it
      -three 600 gallon rain cisterns
      -rock swale
-Art in the Garden
      -sponsor a ocean friendly student garden mosaic mural by the students, under the leadership of Artist in Resident Robb Tobin
-funds for sheet music
-consumables (reeds, strings, etc.)
-regularly scheduled, adult assistance with instrument maintenance and repair 
-reams of colored copy paper, recycled preferred
-reams of copy paper, recycled preferred  (Thank you to Blast Print for their generous donations of copy and poster paper)
-headphones for iPad instruction
-4 packs of glue sticks
-cleaning wipes 
-10 packs of colored pencils
-new 1" white binders will clear front to slide in cover
-class sets of novels, asst.
-library bound graphic novels
-popular magazine subscriptions (Transworld, Boys Life, People en Español, Surfer) 
-classroom magazine subscriptions (Upfront, Scholastic Art) 
-spiral notebooks for Design Journal and artists' Developmental Workbook (200 per grade) 
-gift-certificates for classroom teachers to purchase classroom library books at local book-stores (all, especially English)
-donations for library to order library books through Follett TitleWave online  
-boxes of small bottles of white Elmer's Glue for Visual Arts Classes (Mrs. Liebke)
-bottled water 
-boxes of fine tipped felt-pens for Language and Art classes 
-flash/thumb drives for students and staff (1-600) 
-Scrantron forms - No. 881-E www.scrantonstore.com (Mr. Stark)
-Electric pencil sharpener (Mrs. Lynn and Novak)
-Stand-up fans (Mrs. Lynn and Novak)
-quick dry modeling clay
-class set of watercolors (up to 36 per class) 
-boxes of Dixie-cups for art lessons
-disposable cameras and developing costs for collage & photography projects
-film printing costs from film or electronic 
-gift certificate or basic teacher supplies from Staples or Lakeshore
-special plain paper for Chinese calligraphy lessons
-red tissue paper for paper cutting
-specialized (mao bi) brushes for calligraphy lessons
-ink for calligraphy lessons 
-English-Mandarin dictionaries
-rolls of aluminum foil
-simple calculators for Science and Design such as Staples SPL-160
-masking tape for design cycle
-mouse-traps (200 per grade) for design cycle
-Home-depot & Vons gift cards for consumable supplies
-rolls of Scotch tape 
-upgrades to volleyball court (modify) Volleyball nets 
-signage for new IB terminology and skills vocabulary (being able to go from a small printing to a poster)
-printing for posters 
-gift certificates or monetary donations for nutrition and movement skill posters
-gift certificates or monetary donations for educational videos
-gift certificates or monetary donations for technology exercise videos
-headphone or ear buds 
-baby wipes
-bottled water
-self-sticking chart paper
-dry-erase markers (variety color pack)
-gift certificates to iTunes to download updated music for dance units, fitness room and outdoor activities 
-printing (brochures, posters, lamination)
-student awards and recognition (Kudo's bars, gift certificates, ipod shuffles)
-promotional items with school logos (pens, frisbees, lanyards, mugs, bpa-free water bottles)
-staff recognition (all of the above) 
-sponsorship of buses for classroom field trips (approximately $200 per bus per class)
-regularly scheduled adult volunteer with office experience to help with classroom and office prep (sending letters, collating materials, cutting laminating, etc.) 
-English to Spanish or English to Mandarin translation of documents, newsletters, etc.  Volunteer must have academic and professional level of language proficiency in both languages. 
-Wet wipes
-cleaning wipes
-bottled water 
-student snacks (Granola bars, Goldfish, NO NUTS please) 
-gift-certificates for students in need of clothes and basic essentials (Target, Vons, Staples) 
-any items for student incentives and awards
-Floating Marine Lab for all 7th graders
-Sponsor or assist a club advisor 
-Catalina Science trip sponsorship
-Sponsor a staff planning day (cost of substitutes) 
-Sponsor a teacher to attend IB training
-Sponsor a child and chaperone to attend the IB Annual IB Student Conference