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Language Acquisition (Mandarin and Spanish)

Fiesta dancersThe primary aim of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) Language Acquisition is to encourage students to gain competence in a modern language with the long-term goal of bilingualism. It is our hope that students will continue their world language studies in high-school and enroll in the challenging IB Diploma Programme language courses in 11th and 12th grades.
We are very happy to introduce our newest courses that will begin in fall 2015: Mandarin Language Immersion. For this exciting world language offering we will offer a language course as well as a content area for Mandarin Chinese immersion students to continue their studies at the middle-school level. This will be a very challenging course and will continue developing language skills, and knowledge and understanding of the Chinese speaking cultures learned in previous grades/language phases. This course will be offered to students who have successfully achieved the required levels of language acquisition in their 5th grade language immersion classes.
2014-2015 Pacific Beach Middle IB World Language Courses
Beginning Spanish (6th grade)
*Spanish for Spanish Speakers (6th grade)
Spanish 1-2 (high school credit)
*Spanish 1-2 for Spanish Speakers (high school credit)
*Spanish 3-4 (high school credit)
*Spanish 3-4 for Spanish Speakers (high school credit)
*Students are enrolled based on their ability to read, write, listen, speak and comprehend the language in prerequisite courses.
Beginning Mandarin (6th grade only)
Mandarin 1-2 (7th grade - high school credit)
*Mandarin 3-4 (8th grade - high school credit)
Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards, are here. They are designed for all students in California, beginning in the 2014-2015 school year to become confident communicators with a wide range of skills necessary for success in college, career and in the community. Both Common Core (CC) for Language Arts and the National Standards for Learning Languages (NSLL) have the same four strands: reading; writing; speaking and listening; and language (grammar). In addition, language learning standards focus on four areas: cultures; connections; comparisons; communities. The strands and areas in both CC and NSLL already align with our International Baccalaureate objectives for Language Acquisition as IB was one of five frameworks that was used to craft the common core standards.
Learn more about the benefit of learning a world language from American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language