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Community Service Ideas @ Nye

Below are a few ideas for Nye students to practice in our community as well as ideas for the community to help our students:
  • Practice social skills such as courteous greetings, accepting personal differences, and positive disagreement
  • Assist others, and maintain a safe school environment
  • Help promote an orderly and friendly atmosphere at Nye School
  • Have kids practice reading a book, then read it to a younger child who needs help learning how to read
  • A senior citizen who will benefit from companionship or a child in a special needs classroom at Nye who is learning to read.
  • Make a book on tape for a primary class-or someone who does not leave their home
  • Student can read a book that will teach them how to do something to help others and then do it!
  • Read a newspaper to an elderly person who can no longer read the small print
To get involved, please contact Dr. Pamela Thompson, principal, at (619) 430-1200.

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