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Active Engage 2 
CAASPPSBAC Student Practice Tests
CAASPP Tools & Videos Grade 3
SBAC Tools & "How to Videos" for Grade 3
CAASPP Tools & Videos Grade 4SBAC Tools & "How to Videos" for Grade 4
CAASPP Tools & Videos Grade 5SBAC Tools & "How to Videos" for Grade 5
FAST Student Portal 
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  1. ABCya
  2. Actively Learn
  3. Benchmark Universe
  4. Bubble Shooter
  5. Coding @ Nye
  6. Colonial People
  7. Common Core ELA (Grades 3-8)
  8. Dance Mat Typing
  9. Dr. Seuss's Seussville
  10. Destiny Student Resources
  11. ESL World  Games and exercises for ESL students
  12. Envision (Pearson) Math
  13. Exploratorium  Science, art and human perception
  14. Flocabulary
  15. FossWeb California  Science Modules and Standards
  16. Free Rice  Read online and feed the hungry
  17. Glogster
  18. Hip-Hop Scientist: Mop Top 
  19. Kumeyaays of San Diego  Learn about the culture, people, food, customs, habitats etc.... 
  20. Learning Upgrade 
  21. Marble Run
  22. MobyMax.com
  23. My Big Campus 
  24. Multiplication.com 
  25. My.sandi.net  Remote student desktop
  26. Neo K-12  Collection of theme-organized video clips, quizzes and puzzles
  27. NewsELA
  28. Pearson Realize  (USERNAME@stu.sandi.net)
  29. RazKids
  30. Safari Montage  Select "Remind me later"
  31. San Diego Zoo Kids 
  32. Scholastic News
  33. Science- B1 Science Images
  34. Spelling City Free games that make SPELLING fun!
  35. SRC!  Scholastic Reading Counts (Netbooks use Firefox)
  36. SumDog Free games that make MATH fun!
  37. Symbaloo Christmas Fun  Christmas games, videos, and puzzles for elementary students
  38. Symbaloo Grades K-2 Students  Games, videos, and puzzles for elementary students
  39. Symbaloo Grades 3-5 Students Math, Science, social studies and Reading grades 3-5
  40. Weebly.com
  41. Word Clouds 8 Word Clouds Word clouds for kids grades 2-5
  42. Word Clouds ABCya Word clouds for kids grades 2-5 
  43. Word Clouds Word It Out Word clouds for kids grades 2-5
  44. Word Clouds WordSift Word clouds for kids grades 2-5
  45. Word Clouds Wordie creates clouds from text that you provide
  46. Word Games  Play Crossword, Sudoku and Puzzle games From Word Games
  47. Zac Browser Great site for austism support and student activities
  48. Nye Student Council Election
  49. Eagle Logo Contest