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Character Pledge
Today is a new day.
I will improve myself.
There are no limits to my personal success.
I will! I can! I must!
Pledge recited every morning, school-wide, lead by Mrs. Alabanza, School Counselor, during Morning Annoucements.  Along with reminders of the months Character Counts! focus.


Chronic Absenteeism(missing more than 10% of days enrolled for any reason)is thesingle strongest predictor of dropping out before graduation.

Students who drop out are more likely to be poor, unemployed, have substance abuse problems, be teen parents and be involved with the law

Students who miss a month or more of kindergarten are more likely to perform poorly in 1st grade, particularly in reading

By 6th grade, a pattern of chronic absence is a predictor of high school dropout rates

Research shows that a student’s success in 9th grade is directly linked to the likelihood the student will successfully graduate high school with a diploma by 12th grade

(Statistics courtesy of The Children's Initiative

Welcome to NHE Counseling Corner    

"NHE Hawks are doing the right thing, the helpful choice, even when nobody's watching.”  

Daily & On-Time Attendance Equals Academic Success 

“Soaring to new heights!”


Hello Normal Heights Families, home of the Hawks. Thank you for visiting NHE's Counselor's Corner.  I am so excited for this school year.  I really see us all having a great school year, filled with good/helpful choices, perfect attendance and everyone showing good character.
NHE Families, please feel free to stop by my office, call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.
                          Mrs. Alabanza-de la Cruz
                            NHE School Counselor

NHE Character Counts! focus for  March
A person of character values all persons, lives by the Golden Rule, respects the dignity, privacy and freedom of others, is courteous and polite to all and is tolerant and accepting of differences
* Golden Rule * Tolerance and Acceptance * Nonviolence * Courtesy *
Thought of the week:
Let's begin the school year with a quote from a man known by the emperors of ancient China, as “the teacher of all teachers” Confucius, great Chinese philosopher:
I can always be sure to learn from those around me.

I can choose to copy the good I see others do.

And when I see others doing a bad thing, I can choose not to do those bad things.

So today Hawks, notice the behaviors of others and make a choice. Which good behavior will you copy and which bad behavior will you correct in yourself.

Something to think about Hawks. The choice is yours.

Acknowledgement for Good & Helpful Choices:
Weekly Celebration of the Classroom who had the
Best Overall Percentage of Attendance
Classroom Winners are awarded with an Attendance Trophy and they are proudly displayed. Parents/guardians, check to see how many Attendance Trophiesyour child's classroom has earned.

 Perfect Attendance  Every time a class has ALL their  classmates present & on-time they can color a letter from “Perfect Attendance”. Once the class colors all the letters of “Perfect Attendance” they receive a “Celebration”.

 Character Catch

Every Friday, students who were caught by having good character, will get to shop for a prize in the front office or game time on the Wii console during recess.

Every week students are working on academic and personal/social goals, “On The Road to Success”.

Every week students are learning and practicing on how to make HELPFUL choices verses HURTFUL choices.