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Morning Running Club

Your child is invited to join us every morning for running club!! We want to help your child learn to incorporate a healthy active lifestyle into their school day.  WHAT IS RUNNING CLUB? Running club is a FREE club that meets every morning on the blacktop from 7:20am-7:35am, before school starts. Children run or walk on the black top not only to get their blood flowing and their brains fired up for learning, but also to get some important exercise. PLUS we play awesome music to keep the kids inspired and energized and to get everyone in the mood to have an awesome day. At the end of the year all children who have run the equivalent of a half marathon and marathon win medals and our top runners get a special trophy. Throughout the year they get cool “feet” charms to show their progress.

There is no signing up. Simply drop your child off at school like you normally do or walk them to our table in the lunch harbor. They will locate their class box which will contain their personalized card and then GET RUNNING OR WALKING. If you or a younger sibling would like to join them you are more than welcome. 

We look forward to rockin' out with you and your little ones!!