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Challenger Wins Recycling Award


To help reduce waste, comply with state and local laws, and increase recycling awareness at our schools, the district has once again teamed up with EDCO, the waste and recycling service provider, to bring the 2016/17 EDCO Recycling Challenge.  All schools that receive waste and recycling services through the District contract with EDCO were automatically registered to compete in the Challenge.  Challenger Middle School was the runner-up for the middle school level with a 29.3% diversion of trash from the landfill.  The awards were based on a combination of school recycling and waste reduction efforts.  The prize money of $750 will be earmarked for future recycling efforts at our school. 

It takes teamwork to achieve this level.  The Recycling Club has been working on recycling bottles and cans for a very long time at our site.  The ASB and Deneen Gibson, Building Services Supervisor, with her custodial staff brought it to a new level this year with a brand new extended list of items to recycle.  They promoted the new policy through signs, videos, and contests.  The EcoSquad works on deciminating ecological information, gardening, and composting.  And, of course, it wouldn't happen without all the students and staff making sure that they did their part by reducing waste and placing items in the correct bins for recycling.  Thanks to Edco for sponsoring this competition and helping to foster an attitude of environmental awareness at our schools!