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Choosing Your Academy


All incoming 9th -12th grade students at Clairemont High must apply for an academy pathway.
Clairemont High offers students four Linked Learning Academy Pathways to focus their high school experience. Students choose one of these four academies: (1) Academy of Business (2) Academy of Engineering Design (3) Academy of Health & Medical Sciences (4) Academy of Information Technology.
Before choosing, students and parents should read more information about our four academies on our CHS Academies Page, and download and read our Academy Overview Documents. Here are some helpful documents and presentations to learn more about academies before making a decision:
Students who attend our feeder middle school, Marston, will be given information about the application process in their 8th grade classes in early spring of each school year. They will also be given class time at Marston to complete the online application under the supervision of one of their instructors. Marston 8th graders, therefore, should wait to fill out this application until directed to do so at their school.
All other incoming students (from other middle schools or transfers from other high schools), should complete this application here online by February 9th, 2017. Students and parents can preview the questions on the CHS Academy Pathway Application by downloading and printing a paper draft version here in English or Spanish:

The CHS Academy Pathway Application is the primary tool used for placing students into their academy of choice. One submitted, Clairemont High Staff carefully read and review each application to make Academy Pathway selections for the incoming class of 9th graders. Please fill out the application form carefully and keep in mind that responses will directly affect academy placement. 

 Before starting the application online or on paper, please make sure you have gathered the following information, so you can complete and submit the form in one sitting. There is no way to save part of the form and return to it later.  It is best to complete the paper handout version of this application first (handed out to students at 8th Grade Assembly), and then use the answers to type in final responses here. You will need the following to complete the four sections of this application:
1) STUDENT INFORMATION: student contact info, background, current classes, preferences for high school involvement 
2) PARENT / GUARDIAN INFORMATION: parent contact info including name, phone, and e-mail
3) ACADEMY SELECTION: preferences for CHS Academies. For more info about our CHS Academy Pathways, visit our Linked Learning Academies page  and view the "Marston Middle School 8th Grade PowerPoint Presentation." 
4) STUDENT PROFILE: info about student's personal career cluster interests, activities interests, personality traits and favorite school subjects.


Academy Pathway Application 2017-18 Online Form: Apply Here
Marston 8th Grade Students, please wait to complete this form with your class when CHS comes to present in February.

IMPORTANT DATES during 2016-17 School Year:

JANUARY 12, 2017
8th Grade Experience Day @ CHS 9:45 - 3:15 PM 
for Prospective Students at Marston Middle School & Longfellow about CHS Academies; district supported
Event will include: Welcome assembly, overview of CHS comprehensive programs, 
My Strengths & 
My Personality Traits Workshops, 
CHS Academy Pathway Presentations, Campus Tour led by CHS Ambassadors, lunch, and 
academy specific hands-on activity
FEBRUARY 2, 2017
8th Grade Assembly: CHS Academy Pathway Application Process @ Marston Auditorium, Advisory 8:55 - 9:30 AM
At Marston CHS Staff will do an assembly for all 8th graders (during their advisory) about the academy pathway application process, so that 8th gr students and parents can make an informed decision for 9th grade year. This will include:
PPT Overview of CHS Academy Pathway Pathway Application and 
Parent Info Packets to send home including Print out of Academy Pathway Application & Guidelines.
FEBRUARY 6 - 10, 2017 
@ Marston 8th Gr Sciences Classrooms
8th Grade prospective students will complete the online Academy Pathways Application, specifying which academy is their first choice. 
Students will be assisted in classes at Marston (along with CHS counselors) to complete the online app. 
Students must complete the online version of application CHS Academy Pathway Application by Feb 9, 2017.
MARCH 17, 2017  
Freshman Acceptance Welcome Day 
@ CHS, 
9:30 - 12:05 pm

This day will inform students of which academy they have been accepted into. The experience for 8th graders will include: 
Assembly at Marston Announcing Acceptance by Academy with Letters, 
Parade to CHS led by school band, 
Letters Distributed, W
elcome Activities in each academy, 
Acceptance Packets (course sequence, academy info, etc) sent home with students..