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Good Neighbor & Safety Tips

Good_neighbor_logoHelp Us Be a Good Neighbor

  • Please do not park in front of someone's driveway.  It is illegal and could cause a problem when someone needs to leave their home.
  • Please do not honk your horn.
  • Please respect other people's property.
  • Please save bottles and trash to throw away in proper receptacles. 

Traffic Safety Tips

  • Be patient and courteous.
  • Students must be dropped off and picked up at the curb.
  • U-turns are illegal in front of the school.
  • Students and parents must use the crosswalk or cross at the light.
  • Please follow the directions of the crossing guard.
  • It is illegal to drive on the wrong side of the street.  Please instruct your student to cross the street to meet you at the correct side of the street.
  • Allow extra time for traffic congestion, especially during inclement weather.

Ways to Reduce Traffic Congestion

  • Arrange a drop off/pick up point that is 2-3 blocks from the school and out of the major traffic routes.
  • Create a carpool.
  • Students can walk or ride a bicycle.  Studies show that childhood obesity is on the rise.  What a great way to get some extra exercise!  (And save some gas money.)
    • Walking to School - Students should pay attention to their surroundings and traffic.  Wear only one earbud/headphone in order to hear and look up from your phone.
    • Bicycling to School - California State Law says that students must wear a helmet.  Students also need a chain and lock to secure their bikes in the bike rack.
  • Drop off early - Students can arrive as early as 6:45 AM to wait in the Shuttle Court.