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Eighth Grade Boat Cruise

Spirt_of_SD8th graders who purchase a ticket and meet the 8th Grade Participation Criteria will be able to attend the boat cruise.
8th Grade Boat Cruise - "Night on the Bay"
Challenger has chartered a boat, Spirit of San Diego, through Flagship Cruises for a Friday evening.  Challenger students will have the boat all to themselves to have fun dancing to music led by a DJ.  Students who want to take a break from the music will have two other decks to relax and gaze up at the stars while cruising San Diego Harbor.  Dinner and snacks will include pizza, salad, cookies, breadsticks and soda.  Cost will include transportation, cruise and dinner.  It will be a evening of wonderful memories!
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Student Dress Code:
- Challenger Dress Code will apply
- For safety reasons, all students must wear flat shoes with closed toe and closed heel; heel should be no higher than one (1) inch.  Tennis shoes are recommended for everyone.
- We recommend dressy casual clothing, but students will not be excluded unless clothing does not meet Challenger's Dress Code.
- Students should bring a light jacket or sweater since there might be light breeze when cruising.
ID Card:  Students will need an ID card to purchase a ticket, to get on the bus and to board the boat.  Replacements are available at the Financial Office if student has lost his/her ID card.
Cost: TBD
  - Students need money, ID card, and a signed permission slip to purchase a ticket.
  - Students need to make sure they are eligible before purchasing a ticket.
  - Students are required to maintain eligibility throughout the school year.
  - Last day to purchase a ticket with a check - TBD
  - Last day to purchase a ticket with cash - before school, TBD
Transportation: Students will ride all together with chaperones to and from the boat.
Permission Slips: Must have signed permission slip in order to purchase a ticket.  Extra forms are available at the Financial Office.
School Attendance: Students must attend a entire day of school on the day of the boat cruise.
Chaperones: Several chaperones from the Challenger staff will accompany the students on the buses and on the boat.  Only staff, students, photography staff and boat staff will be allowed on board the boat.
Personal Belongings: Students should bring NO belongings other than an ID card and a sweater/jacket.  Cameras, money and other personal belongings are not allowed.  It is not necessary for your student to bring a cell phone, however, if you want your student to have a cell phone, he/she will have to check it with his/her chaperone who will hold it until the group returns to Challenger.
Pick Up From School: Parent/guardian must pick up student at 9:00 PM from the school auditorium.  Students will not be allowed to walk or ride a bicycle home.  We will have special arrangements for those students who take the a bus to get to school and will contact those families after a ticket has been purchased.
Please contact the student's counselor if the student is having financial difficulty and needs assistance with school items.