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Eighth Grade Participation Criteria

Challenger Middle School’s first priority is preparing students for high school both academically and socially.  We are monitoring every student and want to make every effort to ensure their success.

We celebrate the accomplishments of our 8th graders at the end of the school year with a boat cruise and promotion ceremony.  We also have other fun activities throughout the school year.  In order for 8th graders to participate in these activities, it is essential that students maintain appropriate academic progress and behavior.  

To qualify for an activity, the student must meet the participation requirements on the grading period prior to the activity as identified on the Grading Period Chart below.  

For example: If the Boat Cruise is scheduled for June 2, the student would have to qualify with the grades from the P4 Progress Report.

Participation Criteria
Academic/Social Probation:
    •  No more than one (1) “F” academic grade in any class 
    •  No “U” citizenship grade in any class

Automatic Exclusion From Any Activity:
    • Formal suspension within the semester in which the activity takes place
Students are expected to maintain their grades and citizenship.  Any student may become ineligible if grades or citizenship drops below the requirement.
Any behavior problems at any time may be cause for students to be ineligible for the party or promotion activities.

Please contact the student's counselor if the student is having financial difficulty and needs assistance with school items.