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Bird Rock Governance Team

The Governance Team (GT) is a shared decision making board, representing all stakeholders, and mandated at each school site by the San Diego Unified School Board. We meet once a month to discuss and make decisions about issues affecting our school and our children. Please refer to the By-laws regarding GT's "Scope of Interest." The team is comprised of five parent representatives, five teacher representatives, two classified staff, and the principal. 
2017-2018 Governance Team  Representatives 
Principal                                             Dr. Amanda Hale
Teacher at Large                                 Ryan Weiss
TK/K/1                                               Lorene LaCava    
2/3                                                    Debbie Gawle
4/5                                                    Ginny Gallagher LaRowe
SDEA                                                 Tara Barton
Classified                                           Marlo Boyce
Bird Rock Foundation President           Alex Yerbury
Bird Rock Foundation Representative   Laurie Gunn
Parent-at-Large,                                Tricia Gallaghger-Geurtsen
Parent-at-Large                                 Lisa Pulli
Parent-at-Large                                 Patricia Thompson
Chair TBD
Recording Secretary                          Lorene LaCava

1.  All meetings are public and guests are welcome. 

2.  If you would like an item to be placed on the agenda, please contact your representative at least 2 weeks in advance of the next meeting.

 3.  The agenda is announced the week before the next meeting via the school's weekly eblast.
4.  Meetings: Wednesdays, time TBD.  Please check the school calendar, the school eblast, or with your representative to confirm. 

5.  Approved minutes from the previous month's meeting are posted in the glass case across from the front door of the School Office.  Archived minutes are available in the School Office.