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A world of adventure awaits students through our Library Learning Center. Staff assist students in learning how to use the great resources in the center and guide students into books that help nurture a life-long love of literature.

Students also learn responsibility to care for the books and resources in the Learning Center. They get their own library card at the beginning of each school year. Each student is given a library card application which requires the signature of a parent or guardian. To ensure we can continue to offer the best resources available to students, parents/guardians are financially responsible for books not returned to the Learning Center.

Our library is open to the entire student and family community. As a parent or family member, you are welcome to visit our library and check out a book too! What better way to reinforce the love of learning and literacy with your children, than to lead the way. We even have a selection of books just for parents. The selection of books include topics such as assisting your child with homework, divorce, blending families, discipline, family fun without the TV, and more.
We are especially proud of our Museum of the American Presidency, the largest presidential museum west of the Mississippi. The collection features more than 40,000 presidential-campaign memorabilia from Washington to Obama. This wonderful addition to Clairemont was started by government and history teacher James Fletcher who began searching for presidential campaign memorabilia as a way to teach the seniors in his social-science class about history.
Please stop by sometime!
Mrs. Marla O'Connell