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Baker Awards

Once a month students of Baker Elementary School have the opportunity of earning various awards given by their teachers. Those awards are Inch and Miles, Best Bobcat, and Perfect Attendance. 

Inch and Miles AwardBook cover

Our education philosophy revolves on reinforcing positive behavior and whenever we "catch" our kids doing something good, they receive rewards under the "Inch and Miles" program, inspired by a children's book by a famous college basketball coach about how to achieve success inch by inch until those inches add up to miles.

It's a fun and challenging way to remind out students that good deeds do matter. They receive green-color award for demonstrating the character traits of hard work, enthusiasm, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, self-control, alertness, action, determination, fitness, skill, team spirit, poise and confidence.

The green slips make them eligible for a special treat, lunch with the principal and their own copy of the book.

Best Bobcat Award

The Best Bobcat Award is given by the students' teachers for students who have demonstrated alround good behavior, academics and etc.

Perfect Attendance Award

Students having perfect attendance for the particular month will receive a certificate.