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Course Syllabus



“A Mission Bay graduate is a literate and ethical citizen who is prepared to enter higher education and the workplace in a changing global society.”



Instructors: Mr. Corbin & Mr. Walters

 Phone: (858) 273-1313 x 353  and  x255

Email: jcorbin@sandi.net & awalters@sandi.net

 Course Description: This Biology class has been designed to actively engage students in biology while focusing on collaborative groups, laboratory work/investigation, and state standards.  We will be using the BSCS Biology: A Human Approach textbook. Investigations and curriculum will be inquiry-based and marine themed.

Course Goals: Students will become problem solvers by participation in the biological laboratories where they will be analyzing, synthesizing, and solving problems.  Students will also become collaborative workers who can develop and maintain laboratories within self-directed teams.  Each student will become an effective communicator by presenting material orally to classmates and by keeping a detailed laboratory notebook.

 You are required to come to class EVERY DAY ready to learn, which includes having all the necessary supplies.  Suggested items include:

1.   A Biology spiral notebook to be brought to class everyday filled with 3-holed paper. 

2.   Pencil and pen (blue or black erasable ink)

-Laboratory & group work is emphasized in this class, so proper lab safety skills are required.  Each student is   required to pass a lab safety test and demonstrate daily proper lab skills.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of lab privileges.  A lab safety contract will be sent home for parent review and required signatures from all involved.

-Completion of all work is expected and required.   Failure to complete or turn in all assignments will result in a lowered academic and /or citizenship grade.  Due dates for assignments are posted in the classroom.  

-Spiral Notebook is suggested.  The notebook should have 3 labeled sections:  #1 Lab work/assignments  #2 class notes and #3 paper. 

-Homework/exams and quizzes will be assigned throughout this course. A final exam will be given at the end of the course.

Grading Policy:


Academic- A variety of assignments make up your total grade for the course.  Your grade is determined using multiple assessments, including group collaboration (group labs), individual performance, knowledge of biological concepts, completion of lab and homework assignments.  Approximately 2/3 of your points are earned from laboratory work and homework, 1/3 from tests and quizzes.  Random assignments will be graded weekly. At anytime you are not aware of your grade please contact your instructor. Your academic grade in the course will be determined by using the following scale: 

                                              100% - 90%   A

                                               89.9% - 80%  B

                                               79.9% - 70%  C

                                              69.9% - 60.0% D

                                              59.9% and below F

Citizenship- All students are subject to safety and behavior regulations, signed copies of which are to be kept at all times in your journal.  Students are to follow the rules posted in the classroom and follow MBHS student handbook.   The following consequences will result from not following the rules in class:

    1st problem:  Private verbal warning from me and recorded.

     2nd problem:  10-minutes time owed immediately after school/lunch.

    3rd:  Phone call home and citizenship lowered.

 **after parent/guardian has been called twice a referral to the counselor will be written unless otherwise stated in the student handbook.

 Additional Rules include; NO EATING or DRINKING IN CLASS (except water).

 Safety is stressed at all times.  If a student in any way threatens the safety of a lab exercise the student will be sent to a counselor immediately.  This action will be followed by a phone call home, a zero on the lab and possible suspension from other lab exercises.  A mature, serious, and attentive attitude is required in the lab at all times.Citizenship grades will be based on the school rubric at the end of each four and a half week grading period.


Homework Policy: Homework is due the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise discussed in class.  Speak to us if you have any questions on due dates.  

 Classroom Policy: Attendance is ESSENTIAL to success in this class. Every day you will be involved in a lab activity or group work.  If you are absent you MUST see individual instructor for make-up guidelines.

 Exams must be made up within the week of your absence. (see instructor for specifics) If your absence is unexcused, you will receive a zero on all missed assignments and tests.  If a test is missed on a Friday make-ups should occur the next week.


Materials/Resources: BSCS Biology: A Human Approach textbook. Suggested items include:

 1.   A Biology spiral notebook to be brought to class everyday filled with 3-holed paper.

 2.   Pencil and pen (blue or black erasable ink)

3.   Ruler & Colored Pencils

 Tutoring Hours: Available most days after school and during lunch by appointment.


To The Parents:

Please complete this portion of this page and return to class by ____________________.

 We, the undersigned student and parent(s), have read and we fully understand the

 expectations and requirements of this course. Further, we pledge ourselves to working

 closely with the teacher in hopes of mastering the expectations of this course.

Student Name (Print) _________________________________________ Period: ___

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _________

 Parent/Guardian Name (Print): ___________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _________

Home phone: _____________________Work/Cell phone: ____________________