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Science Course Catalog

Science Course Catalog

Earth Science 1, 2 (6023, 6024)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thistwo-semester, standards-based laboratory science course is intended primarilyfor grade 9 students. The course provides an overview of the areas ofastronomy, chemistry, geology, oceanography, meteorology, and paleontology, andserves as a foundation for further study in physics, chemistry, biology, andenvironmental science. Students in this course will investigate and supplementtheir understanding by conducting and analyzing experiments, and usingtechnology to collect data and communicate ideas.


Biology 1, 2 (6111, 6112)

This course is designed to meetcollege entrance requirements and prepare students for the worlds of school,work, and citizenship. It builds on physical science concepts, and emphasizesmechanisms for the functioning and continuity of organisms. Unifying themes ofbiology are stressed (evolution, homeostasis, energy, matter and organization,continuity, development, and ecology) and the application and relevance ofbiology to students' lives and to society. Inquiry and the nature of scienceare important content elements.


Advanced Biology 1, 2 (6121, 6122)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thisis a first year course intended for students with the interest and ability toextend their study of biology beyond the basic course, and/or who arecontemplating a science-related career but are not prepared to take AdvancedPlacement Biology as their first biology course. It covers all the elements ofthe regular course, including the same inquiry and cooperative strategies, butthe pace will be faster, and it will go into greater depth in selected areas.It builds extensively on concepts learned in physics and chemistry and is morequantitative. It addresses state science standards.

*Prerequisites for IB Biology HL


Chemistry 1, 2 (6211, 6212)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thisintroductory course is designed to meet college entrance requirements andprepare students for the worlds of school, work and citizenship. Students learnthe fundamental concepts and knowledge of chemistry through thematic units thatdevelop thinking and analytical skills as well as traditional chemistry subjectmatter and problem solving.

*Prerequisitesfor IB Biology HL


Biology HL 1 IB 1, 2 (6197, 6198) UC "d" requirement This two-semester college prep courseforms the first year of a two year sequence of courses that prepares studentsto take the IB Biology HL (Higher Level) exams, and satisfies the Group 4(Experimental Sciences) requirement for the International Baccalaureatediploma. In this first year of study, students gain insight into the scientificconcepts and principles that govern living organisms, using the techniques andapproach of the scientific method.


Biology HL 2 IB 1, 2 (6199, 6196) UC "d" requirement This two-semester course forms the secondyear of a two-year (mandatory) sequence of courses that prepares students totake the IB Biology HL (Higher Level) exams, and satisfies the Group 4(Experimental Sciences) requirement for the International Baccalaureatediploma. In the second year of study, students use the scientific method toexplore real-life applications of the concepts and principles introduced inBiology HL IB 1,2, performing laboratory experiments, creating group projects,and demonstrating their knowledge of the fundamental concepts of biology, bothorally and in writing.


Marine Science 1, 2 (6441, 6442)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse builds on the physical science and life science concepts learned inprevious science courses and applies that knowledge to the exploration of theliving and nonliving environments of our bays and oceans. Students willparticipate in a variety of learning experiences, including laboratoryexperiments, discussions, field trips, projects, independent research, andappropriate use of community resources. Ethical and social issues related tothe marine environment may be addressed.


Physics 1, 2 (6311, 6312)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thistwo-semester, algebra-based physics course is designed to provide anintroductory experience with the processes of investigating the physical worldand the understandings derived from that process. The emphasis is on developinga qualitative conceptual understanding of general principals and models and onthe nature of inquiry. The core content addressed in this course includes thetopics of motion and forces, the conservation of energy and momentum, heat andthermodynamics, waves and electric and magnetic phenomena.