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Statistics and Data Analysis Course Syllabus


A Mission Bay graduate is an internationally minded person who values the world as the broadest context for learning and develops conceptual understanding across a range of subjects;…”  Statistics and Data Analysis is an inquiry-based course that engages students to think critically, express creativity, reflect,…” 


Description:  This course, will focus on these four benchmarks:

1.     Exploring Data: Describing patterns and departures from patterns

2.     Sampling and Experimentation:  Planning and conducting a Study

3.     Anticipating Patterns:  Exploring random phenomena using probability and simulation.

4.     Statistical Inference:  Estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses.


Text: Rossman, Chance; Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data 4th Ed.


Required Calculator: A Ti-83 Graphing Calculator is MANDATORY.  Ti-84 will work as well.  Should you not choose to purchase one, MBHS will provide one to use in the class room.


Objective:  The primary objective of the course is to expose students to the concepts and mechanics they need to further their studies in Statistics and Mathematics at a post secondary institution.  To achieve these objectives, students will need to be present to participate in activity based learning to help build their own conceptual and mechanical understanding of Statistics.  Technology is used in each meeting.  via a graphing calculator with statistical capabilities and Internet simulators.


Credit:  Data and Statistics satisfies the “A to G” math credit for graduation and admission to University of California or California State University


Grading Policy:

90-100%=A                                           Assessments                              60%  

80-89%=B                                            Assignments                               20%

67-79%=C                                            Participation                                10%

NO D’s (Departmental Policy)                Class Work                                 10%



Assignment Policy:  Independent Study reinforces math covered in class.  Assignments are practice and assist students in mastering the concepts presented in this course.  Assignments are due the following class meeting.


Scoring of the homework is as follows:   0 pts.  = Not turned in

                                                            2 pt.    = Seriously Lacking

                                                            4 pts.  = Incomplete

                                                            7 pts.  = Majority of work complete

                                         10 pts.  = Exemplary


Late Assigments:  One day late, but complete assignments may be worth up to 5 pts.


Classroom Rules:

1.     The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done to yourself.  In other words, show respect, follow the “no electronics” policy and use good judgment.

2.     Come to class prepared to learn.  Bring your pencil, book, and notebook.

3.     Whisper if you have to while someone else is talking.

4.     No Food, Gum, or Drink other than Water.

5.     Smile.


Consequences: Should you decide to ignore my rules, here are the consequences.

1.     Verbal Warning

2.     Separation

3.     Call to Parents

4.     Referral



Note Book/Journal Requirements:  I want to train you to be organized.  Therefore, I have created a significant portion of your grade (20%) dedicated to participation (journal) and organization.




  • A 3-ring binder (no spiral notebooks)  **You may include other subjects
  • Three sections: Assignments, Class Notes, Assessments, each clearly marked with dividers
  • Neatness.  This includes clearly heading Assignments with the date and page number.  Class notes should include color, information boxes, diagrams and highlighting. 
  • I expect the Notebook to be completed and updated daily.
  • You are expected to take all grade reports home for parent signature and return with the report signed the following class meeting. 
  • You are expected to initiate your own make-up work and to ask to retake assessments within 5 class days of a returned assessment. 
  • You are expected to ask for help inside class and to go to tutoring after school or to see me during lunch if you want help with assignments.



Every 10 days of class or earlier you will be provided with your class standing, your academic grade.  You are welcome to inquire as to your academic standing at any time, outside of class.  Full attendance is required, every day that we meet.





I expect my students to show their best effort.  I expect students to follow my rules.  I expect students to improve their math skills and to reach their full potential.  I expect students to keep an organized three-ring binder with materials.


You can expect me to show up everyday dedicated to your child’s success.  I will be fair, firm, and consistent with grading and discipline.  I will accommodate your efforts for extra help.


I have read and understood the rules and procedures for Mrs. Platt’s class.




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Student Signature                          Parent Signature                                Date





Daytime Phone Number              



Thank you,

Mrs. Platt




Statistics & Data Analysis with Mrs. Platt


Statistics andData Analysis Course Syllabus


Students enrolled in Statistics and Data Analysis can expect to cover all the topics under "Probability and Statistics" as listed in the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools: ttp://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/mathstandard.pdf
Although the primary textbook is Understandable Statistics, 5th Edition, by Brase and Brase, we use material from numerous websites and on-line texts.  The primary goals of this course are (1) for students to gain an appreciation of the power of statistics (2) to prepare students for the Summative High School Exam in 2011 and (3) to prepare students for an AP Statistics or college statistics course.  The course will be a balance between conceptual understanding, applications, skills, and use of technology
If you are preparing for the California High School Exit Exam and or if you need problems to work out with your math tutor, please complete the problems in the first table.  If you are preparing for the California State Tests (CST)s and or if you need problems to work out with your math tutor, please complete the problems in the second table.

Numberse Sense

Data Analysis

Algebra & Functions



Number Sense 1

Data Analysis 1

Algebra & Functions 1

Geometry 1

Algebra 1

Number Sense 2

Data Analysis 2

Algebra & Functions 2

Geometry 2

Algebra 2

Number Sense 3

Data Analysis 3

Algebra & Functions 3

Geometry 3

Algebra 3

Number Sense 4

Data Analysis 4

Algebra & Functions 4

Geometry 4

Algebra 4

Number Sense 5

Data Analysis 5

 Algebra & Functions 5

Geometry 5

Algebra 5


Data Analysis 6

Algebra & Functions 6

Geometry 6

Algebra 6

Data Analysis 7

Algebra & Functions 7

Geometry 7

Algebra 7


Data Analysis 8

Algebra & Functions 8

Geometry 8

Algebra 8


Data Analysis 9

Algebra & Functions 9

Geometry 9

Algebra 9


Data Analysis 10

Algebra & Functions 10

Geometry 10

Algebra 10


Data Analysis 11


Geometry 11





Geometry 12





Geometry 13





Geometry 14



Algebra II

Algebra 1

Geometry 1

Algarbra II 1

Algebra 2

Geometry 2

Algarbra II 2

Algebra 3

Geometry 3

Algarbra II 3

Algebra 4

Geometry 4

Algebra II 4

Algebra 5

Geometry 5

Algarbra II 5

Algebra 6

Geometry 6

Algarbra II 6

Algebra 1 (07)

Geometry 7

Algarbra II 7

Algebra 2 (07)

Geometry 8

Algarbra II 8

Algebra 3 (07)

Geometry 9

Algarbra II 9

Algebra 4 (07)

Geometry 10

Algarbra II 10

Algebra 5 (07)

Geometry 11

Algarbra II 11

Algebra 6 (07)

Geometry 1 (07)

Algarbra II 12

Algebra 7 (07)

Geometry 2 (07)

Algarbra II 1 (07)

Algebra 8 (07)

Geometry 3 (07)

Algarbra II 2 (07)

Algebra 9 (07)

Geometry 4 (07)

Algarbra II 3 (07)

Algebra 10 (07)

Geometry 5 (07)

Algarbra II 4 (07)

Algebra 11 (07)

Geometry 6 (07)

Algarbra II 5 (07)

Algebra 12 (07)

Geometry 7 (07)

Algarbra II 6 (07)

Algebra 13 (07)

Geometry 8 (07)

Algarbra II 7(07)