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Honors PreCalcuus

Honors PreCalculus with Mr. Moura

This course is designed for students who have completed two years of algebra and Geometry. Topics include linear, quadratic, polynomial, and periodic functions, conic sections, exponents, and logarithms. Trigonometry topics include circle trig, right triangle trig, trig equations and applications of sine waves, trig identities, triangle trig, law of sines and cosines, trig identities, addition, double and half angle formulas, polar coordinates, and complex numbers.

Chapter Homework Assignements:

CASHEE Released (2006)

All 10th and 11th grade students taking PreCalculus, Honors PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB or Statistiscs will be taking the Summative High School Mathematics Test
Students in 10th Grade will also be taking the CASHEE

Summative High School Mathematics Test Standards Correlation

CASHEE Standards Correlation

You will creat a profolio throught out the semester with all the released questions.
1. Print and complete each problem. Show work and circle your answer.
3. On the back of you paper create a set of similar problems and solve.
4. Check every day.  New problems will be posted at least once a week.
Upon completion of ALL problems you will recieve extra credit by replacing the lowest test grade (not including the last chapter exam and Final) in the class with an A+ (100%) .