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Mathematics Course Catalog

Mathematics Course Catalog

Algebra 1-2 (4041, 4042)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Inthis course students learn the fundamentals of solving problems by methods thatwere not previously available to them at the arithmetic level.


Geometry 1-2 (4141, 4142)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thisis the standard course in which students study geometric concepts and directand indirect proof of geometric relationships.


Advanced Geometry 1-2 (4175, 4176)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse is designed for grade 9 students with a very high achievement level.Students will learn Euclidean geometry, some coordinate and transformationalgeometry, measurement formulas, three-dimensional figures and formulas, andproofs. It is designed to acquaint students with the logical structure ofmathematics as found in geometry and in some additional topics in algebra.


Intermediate Algebra 1-2 (4151, 4152)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thissecond-year algebra course reviews and considerably extends the algebraicconcepts developed in the previous algebra course, with emphasis on breadth anddepth of understanding.


Advanced Intermediate Algebra 1-2(4065, 4066)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse reviews and considerably extends the algebraic concepts developed in theprevious course, with emphasis on breadth and depth of understanding.


Statistics and Data Analysis 1-2(4046, 4047)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse provides students in grades 10