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Returning Books and Picking Up Personal Items

Hello Muirlands families,

This is Principal Martin with a message for families about returning textbooks, library books and other school owned items and picking up student items that are in hall lockers and PE lockers. The dates for 8th grade drop-off and pickup will be Thursday 5/28 and Friday, 5/29.  See the schedule below for your assigned date/time.  I will be sending a separate message for sixth and seventh grade families (their dates will be 6/1 to 6/5).

In order to provide safety and social distancing, we are scheduling groups of students each half hour (see the schedule below).

The district provided details on this process on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Those who walk onto campus should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times.
  • Social Distancing guidelines must be followed.
  • Minimize handling of items - families should bring textbooks and equipment in paper or plastic bags. Information to identify the student and the contents of the bags can be written onto a piece of paper and included inside with the bagged items. Large equipment that cannot be placed in a bag should have the student's first and last name attached via a piece of tape or a paper attached to the equipment.

One parent may escort their student on campus. Parents may park in the lots or on the street.

Here are the specifics for flow while on campus:

  • Enter campus through our front gate by the main office.
  • Proceed to the Library front entrance to drop-off items
  • Exit the library through the east door
  • Go to your hall locker. Bring a bag for your personal items.
  • Empty your locker. Place lock on the locker-card
  • Place school items, books and locks on the tables by lockers.
  • Walk towards PE using the walkway on the north side of campus.
  • Enter PE locker room. Empty your PE locker.
  • Exit campus by room 101.

Pick Up Date and Time

Thursday, May 28th

Last Name starts withTime to arrive at school
 A to     Bart8:30
 Bas to Bro9:00
 Bub to Chr9:30
 Cir to Dan10:00
 Dav to Fa10:30
 Fer to Gess11:00
 Gha to Hass11:30
 Hasw to Jak12:00
 Jam to Kos12:30
 Koz to Lib1:00


Friday, May 29th

Last Name starts withTime to arrive at school
 Litt    to     Mart8:30
 Mas to Merr9:00
 Mid to Nas9:30
 Nel to Pill10:00
 Ple to Riv10:30
 Rob to Seb11:00
 Sha to Step11:30
 Ster to Thom12:00
 Tom to Vel12:30
 Vill to Zim1:00