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Hello Muirlands Families,

This is Principal Martin with our Sunday Notes

We begin a new chapter with our distance learning tomorrow. Make sure to read the content below this message for information on grading, grades, participation/attendance and Power school.

We have been working very hard with all of our teachers to design a schedule that provides continuity and allows for the challenges that many families face during the day. While we expect every student to participate, we know that many students and families need the flexibility to find alternative times during the day to complete assignments.

Our goal is to develop a learning partnership with the families as we embark on this distance-learning journey together. Please reach out to teachers if you need additional support.

Our belief is that teachers know our students very well and will provide as much of an individualized approach to student learning as possible. This may look different in some cases.  Teachers are currently engaged in a variety of different learning platforms; Google Classroom, Canvas, live or prerecorded Zoom meetings, screencastify or other platforms that students can access and have flexible learning times that fit with a family schedule.

While this is definitely a difficult time, we truly believe that this is a wonderful time in our existence to build learning partnerships with families and support each other to help our children. To date, we have distributed computers to all of our Muirlands families that had a need. Our front office staff has done a remarkable job with outreaching to get accurate contact information so all teachers have the best contact for students. We have also individually reached out to every family who has not been able to or has not yet logged on to the district learning portal.

Please take time to watch these presentations with your family.

Grades: Grading: Attendance/participation: Power School

Grades and Grading

Students completed the third progress-reporting period as we closed school on March 13th. Tomorrow teachers will begin giving assignments that will be graded. There is an expectation the students will participate in their learning, complete and submit all assignment. Those graded assignments will be recorded into Power-School (see information below to access the parent portal).  Students and parents can monitor grades and learning progress in power-school. The scores that are entered will cause a student’s overall grade to go up or go down as it is calculated in Power-School. At the end of the semester, the grade the student will receive will be no lower than the grade at the end of the third progress-reporting period. We want students to do their very best, work hard, learn and be prepared for the beginning of the next grade level with no gaps in their content learning.

Attendance /Participation

Students are expected to participate in their learning. Each Friday, every teacher will mark attendance for the week. Students that have not participated at any level in each class will be marked absent for that class or classes. There are many ways to participate. Our Muirlands administrative team will monitor student participation each week and identify which students require additional support. Attendance will not negatively affect grades.


What is PowerSchool Parent Portal?

PowerSchool Parent Portal will allow parent/guardians to submit changes to select information for their student(s) online, or confirm that all information is correct and no changes are needed. Submission made by parent/guardians are placed in a queue for review and approval by school site staff. Once approved, any changes are applied to PowerSchool

Also, the Parent Portal enhances communication between parents, teachers and students by providing access to student information from home or from any remote location with Internet access. Parents can view:

  • Student schedules
  • Attendance data
  • Homework assignments
  • Report cards and progress report
  • CAASPP Student Score Report

What do I need to login?

Parents need to create a parent account on parent portal. You get to create your own unique ID and password for this account. In order to tie this account to your individual student, you must have the student's access ID and password to enter.

Please email Sandy Rodriguez, our Site Tech, at srodriguez2@sandi.net and she will email you the information required to create your own account.

To learn more about the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please view the following:

  • Instructions to Create a Parent Portal Account: English or Spanish
  • Create an Account Video Tutorial in English and español
  • For instructions on how to use the Parent Portal, please watch the following video..

Thank you,

Geof Martin
Principal, Muirlands Middle School