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Dress Code

How you dress not only represents who you are but reflects on your school and community as well.  Good taste will govern the suitability of school dress.   If a student’s dress is not in good taste in the judgment of a school official, the student will be sent to the Administration Office.  Administration will then decide whether or not the clothing is appropriate for school.  Attire and grooming (including hair and cosmetics) should not interfere with the educational process.  Attire should protect the health and safety of all students.   Grooming in class is prohibited.

The following are not allowed at school:
  • Hats or any form of head gear (bandanas, scarves, hoods, caps, or beanies) without doctor’s orders. Hats are allowed to be worn during Physical Education class only.
  • Pants worn below the hips (no sagging!)
  • Short shorts, skirts or dresses (must be worn with a 6” in-seam/mid-thigh). Generally, length should be below the finger tips when arms are fully extended on sides of body.
  • See-through or provocative clothing exposing the midriff or undergarments
  • T-shirts or other clothing with offensive pictures and/or writing, alcohol, drug, or tobacco messages 
  • Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in (students should be able to raise their hands without exposing their midriff) and have at least a two (2) inch strap over the shoulder
  • Flip Flops of any kind
  • Anything deemed as gang attire 
  • Pajamas, blankets or slippers
  • Ripped or torn clothing above the 6-inch inseam line
Students who dress inappropriately will be referred to Administration who will have the student change into official school loaners. Inappropriate clothing will be confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent or guardian upon return of washed loaners.  Repeated dress code violations or unwillingness to change into student loaners will result in disciplinary action.