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Advisor: Mr. Phillips 
Come in to Room B5 on Fridays during lunch and play chess with other students. 
Advisor: Mrs. Miller
Circle of Friends is a club at Muirlands Middle School that focuses on creating an environment of inclusion, understanding and acceptance for all students on campus with and without developmental disabilities. Circle of Friends can be found at many middle and high school campuses around our area and even some elementary schools!
  • Circle of Friends (COF) offers a chance for students with and without disabilities to eat together
  • Students talk, share stories and jokes and laugh together
  • Forming new friendships and helping students with disabilities develop friendships
What do we do?
  • Students get together with peers with and without disabilities to play board games, word games or just talk and hang out
  • Every month we have a special event-possible fundraiser, parties or goodies!
Why join?
  • COF is a great opportunity to build friendships between students with and without disabilities
  • Gain great leadership experience for high school
  • To learn and accept differences
  • Come and have a fun place to eat lunch, play games and celebrate different holidays throughout the school year
  • Once a month we will have a party, fundraiser event or activities with goodies!
How to join?
  • Sign up in the front office or contact Ms. Miller amiller1@sandi.net or Ms. Braswell lemison@sandi.net OR
  • Keep a look out for posters or sign ups during lunch
  • Join our first Circle of Friends lunch meeting then decide if you would like to sign up

Hope to see you at Circle of Friends on Wednesdays during lunch in Room 201.

Advisor: Mrs. Preisman
The Coding Club will take place at lunch on Tuesdays in Room 304.  The club is a great way to learn about programming with your friends. Its goal is to educate students in computer science, regardless of grade level or prior experience.
Advisors: Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Edelstein
GSA seeks to create a safe and affirming space for Muirlands LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and their allies to come together weekly, socialize and build community, leadership skills, and informed advocacy while also sharing ways to increase the climate of safety and inclusion of LGBTQIA students in all their multi-faceted identities and issues on our campus.  We also seek to spread the message that ALL people derserve kindness, compassion and acceptance.
Come in to Room 101 on Tuesdays during lunch.
Advisor: Mrs. Preisman
The International Club will take place at lunch on Wednesdays in Room 304.  The International club will allow students to speak in a language other than English during lunch.  The focus will be French speakers, but all are welcome.  We will learn and share ideas of various cultures and backgrounds.
Advisor: Mrs. Latta
The Knitting Club will take place at lunch on Fridays in Room 302.  The Knitting club will allow students to learn to knit, use their hands to create and make new friends.


Advisor: Mrs. Trombley
Please check the Science Olympiad Website for more info- http://muirlandsso.wixsite.com/mmsso
The San Diego Regional Competition is SATURDAY, FEB. 9TH, 2019.
Advisor: Mr. Hartje
The Advanced Robotics Club provides students with previous First Lego League Robotics (FLL) knowledge with the opportunity to expand their skills further by experiencing an entire product development process and compete successfully in scheduled regional and national competitions.  Full club meetings are on Tuesdays from 2:15 to 4:00 in Room B3, and individual teams meet on Thursdays and Fridays respectively from 2:15 to 4:00 in Room B3. 
Advisor: Mr. Tindall
The club meets weekly on Wednesdays from 2:15 to 3:30 in Room B1.
Come have fun learning new math tricks and sharpen your number sense with Math Counts, the Muirlands team that needs you to join us in victory when we compete against other area schools in the math competitions:
  • American Mathematics Competitions (from Mathematical Association of America, November 13, 2018): maa.org/amc
  • MathCounts (school competition in February 2019, chapter competition in March 2019): mathcounts.org
  • Math Field Day (May 2019): sdmathfieldday.com
If you  enjoy math and like to compete, this is a place where you can feel proud and enjoy making new friends!