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Character Education - Project Wisdom

September: Kindness 
9/3-9/6Be Somebody
9/9-9/13A Force For Good
9/16-9/20Simple Kindness
9/23-9/27Not Cool
October:  Acceptance
9/30-10/4Be A Real Winner
10/7-10/11Safeguarding The Rights of Others
10/14-10/18Abilities and Disabilities
10/21-10/25Red Ribbon Week -Keeping It Real
10/28-11/1Red Ribbon Week -Why Vape? Mind If I Don’t Smoke?
November:  Gratitude
11/4-11/8Never Enough
11/12-11/15Attitude of Gratitude
11/18-11/22Celebrate Life!
December:  Giving
12/2-12/6Good Investing
12/9-12/13Each One Matters
12/16-12/20May I Help?
January: Respect
1/6-1/10The Words We Speak
1/13-1/17Ripple Effects
1/21-1/24Sticks and Stones
February: Empathy
2/3-2/7The Gift of Empathy
2/10-2/13Think Before You Speak
2/18-2/21That’s So Random
2/24-2/28What’s Happening?
March: Perseverance
3/2-3/6Finding The Dream
3/9-3/13Little Voice Within
3/16-3/20Everyone Has A Gift
3/23-3/27Learning To Learn
April: Building Relationships
4/13-4/17Making Amends
4/20-4/24I’m Listening
4/27-5/1Why Be Jealous
May: Optimism
5/4-5/8What Were You Thinking?
5/11-5/15Lighten Up!
5/18-5/21Leading The Way
5/26-5/29Mighty Powerful
June: Integrity
6/1-6/5It Begins With You