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Character Education - Project Wisdom

August/September: Creating Success in School
First Week of School: Education
Education: Doorway to Success
Respect: The Golden Rule
Success in School: Just Do It!
 October:  Making a Difference
Education: Knowledge Is Power
Proactive, Productive, and Proud
Responsible Citizenship: Helping Others
Role Models: Who’s Influencing Whom?
November:  Keeping a Positive Attitude
Goals, Dreams, and Genius
Positive Attitude (Keeping a)
Gratitude Attitude
Thanksgiving Week: Gratitude
December:  The Gift of Friendship
Friendship: Understanding Self and Others
Winter Holidays: Peace and Charity
January: Stumbling Blocks or Stepping-Stones?
Overcoming Obstacles: Stumbling Blocks or Stepping-Stones?
Perseverance and Determination: Tools for Success
Self-Worth: Dealing with Anger
Success: Doing Our Personal Best 
February: Celebrating America’s Diversity
Brotherhood: Working for Peace **
Diversity: Contagious Humanity
Diversity: I’m Unique and Unrepeatable!
Tolerance in Our Global Village
March: Making Responsible Choices
Choices: Choosing What’s Right
Choices: Creating Our Future
Respect: Honoring Those Who Can Teach Us
Self-Responsibility: The Choice Is Yours
April: Building Courage and Character
Conscience and Character: Guides for Success
Courage and Confidence: Overcoming Obstacles
Honesty and Integrity: Rules for Success
Moral Courage: Choosing What’s Right
May: Building a Caring Community
Courtesy and Manners: Rules for Living
Kindness and Courtesy: Weakness or Strength?
Love: Lessons of the Heart
Wisdom: Educating the Human Heart
June: Respecting Ourselves and Others
Respect: Respecting Self and Others
Last Week of School: Have a Safe and Fun Vacation!