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Bell Schedule

Regular Day Schedule

Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
  Period 18:35 AM9:40 AM65 min
  Period 29:45 AM10:40 AM55 min
  Period 310:45 AM11:40 AM55 min
  Period 411:45 AM12:40 PM55 min
  Lunch12:45 PM1:15 PM30 min
  Period 51:20 PM2:15 PM55 min
  Period 62:20 PM3:15 PM55 min


Minimum Day Schedule

Minimum Days are every first Wednesday of the month, except in:
  • in September (no modifed day)
  • January and April (the 8th is the 2nd Wednesday of the month, because of winter and spring breaks)
  • June. NO MINIMUM DAY ON JUNE 3, instead the minimum day is on the last day of school JUNE 9
See a list of Minimum Days